Angelina Jolie is Better Than Most Celebrities

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You may dislike her because she stole Jennifer Aniston's man, but we have a message for all the haters:

Get over it! That was five years ago!

At this point, especially when compared to other stars in her industry, there should be nothing but positive things to say about Angelina Jolie. She donates millions to charity every year, she doesn't seek out the paparazzi and she actually gets involved in important causes.

The latest case in point: Jolie spent time in the Dominican Republic yesterday, visiting hospitalized survivors of the Haitian earthquake. She even met with Dominican President Leonel Fernandez.

Today, meanwhile, the UN goodwill ambassador is off to Haiti, actually immersing herself in the destruction down there. How many celebrities can say that?

Jolie doesn't whine about the tabloid coverage of her relationship. She doesn't Tweet about mundane happenings in her life. She even bypassed the Hope for Haiti Now telethon because she wasn't interested in getting her face on TV.

She simply wants to help. Anyone that takes issue with this actress should look in the mirror to see where the real problem lies.


in my opinion, she must be really good person because we all know that she is enough famous and wealthy. why would she do this if she doesnt want to help our World. there are too many celebrities out there, who earn a hell of money but do not help and they prefer to spend their money on priceless things just to show off.
So, even if she is good or bad person she did and she is still doing a really greate work to help all those people who are not like us having everything.Thank to her, many people are still alive and got a chance in this world to have the basic things that we have. i would say that it doesnt matter why she is doing that but to look the results of her act. if we could all help as much we can then we would all live in a better world where other people can get the chance to dream about an ordinary LIFEEEE


Yes!Angelina Jolie is better than other celebrities & she is more kindness & beautiful!In spite of so many hateful rumors attacked on her,she just doing good responsibility on her charity work as An Goodwill Ambassador.Bravo Angie!


Isn't this proof enough that she uses children to her own sick twisted manipulation. You don't buy or have children to save anything! She is such a mental breakdown! The only reason she donates and goes to places of need is to write it off as taxes and perpetuate her HOLIE Jolie image! We are just not that stupid and I will never pay to see her or Pittiful in another movie! I am so sick of them, please go away! Somebody interview little Shiloh about what she thinks of gathering children like puppies!


@Janet - You fuck them when they're still married to another woman and then you hook up with them after they get divorced. That's how. It's called adultery. As for her charity work like I said it's fine and dandy that she does it - still feels like a PR stunt. Reminds me of the old adage "You can't buy your way into heaven". Some people will try though.


I'm glad she does charity work, I just believe it's more for her image and self-satisfaction than the people she works with and donates to.


She stole Aniston's husband? How do you steal someone without their consent? Brad was more than ready to be "stolen". His marriage to Aniston had been on life support before he ever met Angie. It's not Angie's fault that Aniston had a good thing and threw it away through her own selfishness.


Although I applaud her efforts for charities and relief, and her recent visit to Haiti...I find it disgusting that apparently we are supposed to just "get over" the fact that this woman has no respect for marriage. I dont forget people who involve themselves with married men. The amount of time that passes has nothing to do with it. One day if the husband/wife of the "journalist" who wrote this article will hopefully cheat on them and leave them for another, then we can talk about getting over it;)


yea saints these days u know they like to cut themselves and their partners in their private time, they like to fly while heavily pregnant, u know who cares about the baby, i’m a saint, i can do what i want, they like to dress their female kid in all male clothing, they’ve stolen husbands from two different wives, they also make out with their brother (check google, scary stuff), they also wear vials of blood, say that monogamy is not important, buy their kids knives to play with..but besides that, they have extreme powers of instant one minute they’re smearing blood on their shirt, next minute, they’re gazing into the clouds, with such serenity and peace, it would make god blush… aww saints these days…what a naughty bunch.
gotta go now..cuz i think i hear my bs. detector going off somewhere, and it’s starting to get really loud.


yea elaine..for you forget what the other person said...i'll be your residence psychiatrist..i say you have a good case of narcissistic personality disorder...u relate way too much to a celebrity, and to unhealthy levels where you become enraged and start foaming at the mouth if anyone says anything about your idol...need to tone down the agression and up the levels of class...


i think leol is right on the money. angelina is definitely someone woh resembles a sociopath, but tries to cover that up with a meek facade...and elaine..i think you need a horse tranquilizer for some of that narcissistic rage...whewww..


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