Andrew Young Threatened By Elizabeth Edwards

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Andrew Young, the country's most famous campaign aide turned fall guy turned whistle blower turned absurd sex tape owner, is feeling the heat these days.

Young turned over the John Edwards sex tape to a judge, as ordered, but still faces questions about where the tapes were kept and what he did with them.

A Rielle Hunter Picture

The former Edwards confidant struggled to answer why he said last week that the only copies of the sex tape he had access to were in an Atlanta lockbox.

He testified earlier this week that he also had a copy of the tape elsewhere and he recently showed the video to ABC News in preparation for an interview.

On top of potential legal action from Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter, whose affair with the presidential candidate Young helped hide, Edwards is pissed too.

So is his wife. Elizabeth Edwards has threatened to sue him for contributing to the downfall of their marriage, according to a report in the Washington Post.

John Edwards whistle-blower Andrew Young with wife Cheri.

Young's attorneys turned over several items, including a tape marked "special" that purportedly shows John Edwards in a sexual encounter with Rielle Hunter.

Young personally turned over a copy of the sex tape as well. But questions over whether there are more copies - and whether he tried to sell them - linger.

"This is all disturbing to me, and it's not a comfort to our client," said Alan Duncan, an attorney for Rielle Hunter, who has said Young invaded her privacy.

Conceding he had made some errors in previous sworn statements, Young maintains he has tried his best to detail the location of items Hunter is seeking.

"I answered as honestly as I could," he testified.

He said Elizabeth Edwards threatened a lawsuit against him under the North Carolina statute that allows one to sue a third party for contributing to a marriage ending. A jilted spouse typically uses this to seek money from their partner's lover.

"We have powerful people coming at us," said Young, who vowed to fight to prove he is not a liar (even if he is a proven liar). "Are we scared? Absolutely."

A spokeswoman for Elizabeth Edwards declined to comment.


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Why a woman in her 40's can't stop herself from getting pregnant is a mystery? She spend the last 20 + years preventing pregnancy and all of a sudden she gets pregnant when she meets a married John Edwards. Sounds like a gold digger to me. Elizabeth Edwards can blame herself and her lying husband for her failed marriage. Neither Elizabeth, John or the mistress deserve sympathy. Andrew Young and his wife are opportunist out to make a quick buck. They knew exactly what they were doing during this whole scandal, just waiting to pick the berry when it was ripe enough.


It's truly disgusting to me that Mrs. Edwards threatened to sue Andrew Young for contributing to the failure of her marriage. The only one to blame for the failure of that marriage is John Edwards.


I'm always amazed at wives whose husband cheat on them, but blame the other woman and not their husband. Attention, ladies! When your husband cheats on you it is his fault, not the other woman. In Edwards case, Elizabeth is married to John, not the Hunter woman. John is the one who broke their marriage vows, not Ms. Hunter. I guess it is easier for Elizabeth to blame Ms. Hunter than to blame the louse of a husband she has. If it is true that Elizabeth is a bitch, one could see why John went "hunting" elsewhere (no pun intended). :) Still no excuse for John's shabby behavior. Ms. Hunter is not married, so she didn't break any marriage vows, she has just came across as a slut and man chaser. The gossip now is that John has asked Ms. Hunter to marry him. I have to laugh. It may very well just be gossip, but on the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me if it was true. ha ha


regardless of what the Youngs have done - the only one responsible for the downfall of Elizabeth Edward's marriage is JOHN EDWARDS. Plain and simple. John Edwards would have done this to Elizabeth with or without the existence of Andrew Young.


EE needs to sue RH and call AY as a witness. Then they need to put JE and RH on the stand. Cate needs to crossexamine her scumbag father and skanky ho.


I applaud Andrew Young for writing his book & exposing John & Elizabeth Edwards for the garbage they are. He & his family put up with a lot of bs from those 2 for far to long. John Edwards needs to be prosecuted for using his campaign contribution funds to support & hide his wack-job mistress for 9 months. Even now that everything is out in the open, & John Edwards has been forced to admit to his affair & claim paternity of the child conceived from it (once again...only because he was forced), Elizabeth Edwards continues to harass & publicly ridicule Andrew Young & his family for the failure of her marriage. I mean...are you kidding me??? Elizabeth Edwards is not a nice person...unless cameras are on her or press is around. She's a mean, hateful piece of garbage just like her husband. I say good for you Andrew Young for finally breaking your silence & exposing them for who they really are. I hope your book brings you financial success, as well as peace of mind. You deserve both.


John & Elizabeth Edwards are both horrible people & are getting exactly what they deserve. Yes, John Edwards is a complete & total lying scumbag, but Elizabeth is definitely not the saintly christian woman she portrays herself to be. She's a rude, ruthless bitch who will use & step on anyone she has to, to get what she wants. Andrew Young devoted 10 years of his life to these despicable people, only to be discarded by John Edwards when he was no longer of use to him. Andrew Young was beyond a loyal friend to John & Elizabeth Edwards. Elizabeth owes a huge apology to Andrew Young & his family for all they have been through. The last thing they ever wanted to do was uproot their family & go into hiding with John Edwards looney mistress. Elizabeth needs to place blame where it belongs, on her poor excuse of a human being husband...and leave the Young's alone!


I read "The Politician" and have been following the scandal since it broke. Andrew Young & his wife did what they did because Young believed in John Edwards & believed he could make positive changes for this country as President. He went above & beyond what was asked & expected of him. He & his family were completely taken advantage of & walked all over by John & Elizabeth Edwards. John &


Andrew looks like a homosexual Bolshevik Jew and his wife looks like a beard.

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