John Edwards Made Sex Tape with Rielle Hunter, Wanted "Crazy Slut" to Get an Abortion

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Disgraced politician John Edwards nailed mistress Rielle Hunter in his wife's bed, made a sex tape with her, wanted her to have an abortion and called her a "crazy slut" among other choice terms, a new book by his former aide claims.

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    i had a sex with my cameria slut, now i want too bang her in another sex tape. so the whole world can see me as president of the united states of america in washington, with hillary clinton as my whore and woopee sex tramp in office too!


    aem need sex


    ilike these move so can u show it for me okay?


    Thank goodness I didn't vote for John Edwards, that sack of semen (or 'SOS')...


    That is ridiculous to say a man has urges and that everyone has had an affair (even in their mind) its all bull$hit! There is no excuse and NOBODY has the right or should feel its their right! I'm disgusted about it and would be just as disgusted if he wasn't a politician


    Even Stevie Wonder could see this one coming !!Rielle Hunter is a personality and she made Edwards laugh again and light up. She fell in love and he is the idiot who went for it knowing full well he would pay up.I hope they get married and raise their little girl.Elizabeth has all our love and Rielle is what she is simple and stupid. John Edwards is what he is NOTHING>maybe he will be a loving father to little Quinn (who is the only innocent one in this sorry saga.)Wonder what John Kerry thinks now?


    John opitimizes the worst a "person" can be, & his supporting cast is no better. What a piece of trash!!!God bless his wife!!!


    Rielle "Fake Name Ho" is an opportunistic homewrecking slut.


    Actually-those 2 morally-reprehensible characters: John & Rielle deserve each other! They are equally odious and each was obviously using the other but then they got caught and the world got hip to how AWFUL they both are!

    I would think that sex tape would make any one watching it want to vomit and that Rielle screwing around with John-while long-suffering Elizabeth fought for her life-has a special place in hell reserved for her. John Edwards was a smarny, smooth-talking lawyer before all this and now he is a disgraced, smarny, disloyal crook who deserves every bit of bad publicity he has earned himself! Despicable man!!!


    I think he and Elizabet both nuts after reading the Game Change. What did they both think would happen if he had won the election. He had to be nots and so did she. She was a real bitch throwing wild fits to get her way. If you avent read this book do so it is quite enlighting.

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