Judge on John Edwards Sex Tape: Hand It Over!

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A John Edwards sex tape, made with former mistress (and current girlfriend?) Rielle Hunter actually exists.

No matter how many times we hear about this, no matter how many reliable sources confirm its existence, this will never cease to be a shocking development in an already-jaw dropping scandal.

Earlier today, Superior Court Judge Abraham Penn Jones reprimanded Andrew Young, the ex-Edwards aide that played a major role in covering up - for awhile, anyway - his boss' affair with Hunter.

Jones ruled that Young has until Wednesday afternoon to hand over items "of a personal nature" that belonged to Edwards, according to The News and Observer. Young has said he's storing the alleged video in a safe deposit box in Atlanta.

John Edwards: Fake family man. Real sex tape star.

"These items are to be produced and turned over to the court. The court will put them under lock and key - and under seal - until the lawsuit is resolved," the judge said, referring to Hunter's temporary restraining order against Young.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Edwards and Hunter is STILL going on, confirms the latter's sister, Roxanne Marshall. She profited off it this week by telling Inside Edition:

"[Rielle] still believes they will be together. She is very happy. What mother wouldn't be, especially after his denying [fatherhood]?"

It's true. Just think of the role model Hunter's daughter now has to look up to. She might grow up to be a politician... that uses campaign funds to cover up a child she produced when she cheated on her cancer-stricken spouse.

** UPDATE: The National Enquirer reports that the FBI is now in possssion of the sex tape. It's gonna be a fun, popcorn-filled night in DC, we bet!


Shooo if there is a type of edwards fuc_ing hunter it must be a horror film. hunter one ugly scab of a horse faced bitch.


Who cares? He's an adult. Let him make whatever video tapes he wants to.


How can such an ugly dope user like Druck (Hunter) score so much money for being a ho with no talent? Edwards one dumb fuck. This horrid looking wench is living the high life for what? For looking like shit, doping all the time, being a whack job and fucking other women’s husbands? This piece of shit deserves nothing but some jail time with some real world women that would beat the crap out of her. One ugly ho that struck gold. Bitch!


Fry in hell Edwards you phony bastard.


I cannot say anything anymore...Just John Edwards is a LIER...A CHEATER...and what else to described him by fooling around...Poor wife...Elizabeth...God Bless you...you are not worth to have him in your life..Move on Elizabeth with your childrfen and everybody will be on your side...


Jail Edwards for stealing campaign funds.
Jail Hunter for doing dope.
If the average joe were caught doing these things where would they be? Behind bars holding on for dear life!
These two bastards should be sent to prison. Period.


I knew there were low lifes in USA but not this many too much sex on tv everywhere this is what happens when singers and entertainers porttray themselves as sluts and men then want that women buying into this is stupid I wouldnt buy their songs or magazines or movies or let my kids have anything to do with them in our house .


No lower dog that Edwards. No lower slut than Hunter. Perfect match made in hell.


the only person to feel sorry for is mrs hunter as if he hasnt slept around he is slick and edwards should be locked up for fraud and hunter well there are plenty of hookers like her atound he is brainless and filthy .


Elizabeth helped her husband cover up the rumors of his screwing around to help his political career. She's no hero. She tried to cash in on the scandal with her book and Oprah appearance.

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