Tila Tequila Produces Alleged Gestational Sac of Unborn Child

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Tila Tequila has good news and contrived news for celebrity gossip followers. First, the good:


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    rofl! how delusional



    This blatant attempt to get the Johnson fortune with a fake heir is ludicrous. You don't need an ultrasound, you need psych evaluation.


    dang that stupid hoe from tila's "army" needs to grow up and stop living in an imaginary world....im sure tila has no idea who she is and doesnt care im sure...shes probably in some guys bed hittin the crack pipe right about now.....bitchezzzz


    Tila will do anything for some attention....come on really. Theres more important things to care about in the media like Haiti...not some slut that probably got knocked


    I think in a short period of time she will claim she had a "miscarriage"..But first she will probably try to stir up some bull shit and claim that the baby is "from Casey Johnson's egg".Just to try and get a rise out of people.

    I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth or her tweets.
    She is one messed up ,ignorant, little goblin.
    Lie after lie after lie..
    She should not be able to reproduce.Someone should sterilize her.


    somehow she will try to sue Johnson's for palimony.


    *an. All this Tila Talk is definitely killing brain cells.


    Ahh, Tila fans exude so much class, intelligence, and maturity. Proven by the ever so graceful "Tila RULEZ"(He/she even likes to add their own oomph to the tired out and boring English language.).

    All blatant sarcasm aside, it doesn't take a genius to know that Tila is a lying sack of shit, who continually tries to think of fabrications to keep the attention on her. Today it's a pregnancy, 3 weeks from now it's a miscarriage, 2 months from now she'll say she's directing a Oscar-worthy movie. Bitch is nuts.


    Dear Tila aka Tila RULEZ,

    You are a loser skank. Anyone that believes your crazy ass lies is as nutty as you are. Everyone knows you are a pathological liar and your relationship with Casey was simply for show. Look, you even sold Radar Online a FAKE sonogram. I hope they sue you. You calling someone ugly? That's rich. I don't think you even own a mirror. Your nice figure doesn't make up for your BUTTERFACE. Pow back at you, bitch. And your fake ass baby too. POW! :)


    I wonder how long it will last.

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