Tila Tequila Officially Lies About Pregnancy

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She teased Twitter followers about it for weeks, but Tila Tequila has officially confirmed the most transparent lie on the Internet: she's pregnant.

The professional attention-grabber claims to have been articially inseminated with the child her and Casey Johnson always dreamed of having. Is there any evidence? Yes... if you consider exclamation points and capital letters to be proof. She wrote on her blog today:


Tequila went on to say she doesn't want to "exploit" her child. In related news, she's shopping around ultrasound photos for a price.

Hopefully, if any website takes her up on the offer, Tila will use the money to seek professional help.

Pretend Pregnancy

What else does Tila's latest blog entry cover?

  • She was scheduled to show up at Millions of Milkshakes in Los Angeles this week, but the owner said he was anticipating a crowd of 20,000 people and she therefore canceled the appearance because "someone could accidentally jab me in the belly."
  • She has documents that prove Casey never made a sex tape with Courtenay Semel. (THG note: this would be the first-ever proof of a negative. We can't wait to see it!)
  • Speaking of Semel, she is a "REAL MEDIA WHORE!"

The countdown to Tila's Tweets about a contrived miscarriage is on. How long do you give her, readers?


Thats no way to even play. I have actually miscarried and lost my son and almost my life. She is trifling and sick to keep claiming she is expecting. She needs to find out who she is and love herself. If she is pregnant God help the baby.


Tila isnt f**kin preg!


I give her 2 months and she's going to blame it on all the paps hounding her then she's going to tryand sue someone becuz she lost her "baby"


i hope tila really is prego she is ah-may-zingly HOT


Here here Stench!


this bitch is seriously sick in the head. anyone who believes this girl is actually pregnant and defends her is just as crazy and demented as she is.


huh? is she claiming to be knocked up with a baby from Casey's egg? I can imagine the endless tabloid fodder if such a thing were true...


OMG!! Makes you think what goes on in her head.


I give that skank 4 months!!!


OMG I cannot believe she is talking about proposing to her baby's daddy and marrying him alread...it's so sad how she moves on so fast....she probably was going to make a fake break up with casey if she didn't die...poor casey


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