Stars Come Out for New Year's Eve

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Adam Lambert rocked out on stage.

Jennifer Lopez let it all hang out in an embarrassing skintight bodysuit.

How did other celebrities ring in the new year? Lindsay Lohan headed to St. Bart's, Fergie made out with Josh Duhamel and everyone seemed to be in the holiday spirit.

See what we mean below. Click on the following photos to see how various stars celebrated the start of 2010...

Hills Trio
New Year's for Lindsay
Welcome, 2010!
Lamas Pic
Gwen and Gavin

From stars of The Hills to Pamela Anderson's enormous hills, everyone came out to party last week. [Photos: Splash News, Pacific Coast News]


sarah, didn't see that. Wow. Just read she may be pregnant so that could be why she looks so plump lately so I guess I'll cut her some slack.


Wonder if anyone let Mariah know her nipple is exposed. Although maybe the plastic surgery has numbed her...


Here's a novel idea. Why doesn't Pamela A spend a new years with her kids? Also, what the heck is up with Mariah??? WOW. Not only does she look uncomfortably overweight, she just won't give up those outfits no matter what size she is. So sad.