Jennifer Lopez New Year's Eve Outfit: Sexy or Sucky?

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There was a time when Jennifer Lopez was an A-list star that sat atop the music and beauty charts.

Her style was second to none, highlighted by her iconic dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

But those days are long gone, as evidenced by J. Lo's performance in New York City last night. The singer tried to go all sexy with a skintight, bejeweled bodysuit during her rendition of "Louboutins."

Did she succeed or did she fail? Yout tell us...

New Year's Outfit
J. Lo from the Back

J. Lo's New Year's Eve outfit is...

Meanwhile, Lopez also thrust some dude's face into her crotch. Will this act result in an Adam Lambert-like controversy? We somehow doubt it.

Watch the performance below.

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I am so happy that your Mom is okay. Must be such a relief Bizzy. Give her a Skippy hug epsale. I miss my Mom. And my Dad too I know what you mean. I remember sleeping in the hospital when they were sick, to stay close by. Don't ever attempt this as hospitals discourage it and those plastic chairs suck. hee I didn't realize Starbucks had a spinach feta wrap. OMG that would be awesome. Must go. And you aren't kidding about that soup picture. Thank goodness it tasted good.Hugs to you too my friend.


SUCKS! End of the line!
Bespoke tailors


Xena: That was definitely a face in the crotch for a significant time. No doubt. Get real.


Loved JLo's outfit/costume - it was a stage performance, people - with a capital *L*O*V*E*D***I*T*!!!


Im wit u mikee 25.... A bunch of haters. The outfit may not have looked good but seriously u think shes fat and had flab hangin out everywhere?? What regular 40 yr old women cud even get that cat suit ova her thighs much less the whole thing on. Hope everyone is still lookin fit n fly when hey are 40.


i agree that she is still sexy keeping in mind that she is into her 40s she is still gorgeous, her dress isnt weird at all, she looks hot


Give it up J-ho, you all washed up!


lmao sorry before you put someone on blast
"Her style was second to none, highlighted by her iconic dress at the 2005 Grammy Awards."
Your info is so wrong. It was in 2000 your 5 yrs late !
And second she so rocked the catsuit. No one else can pull that off better then she can !


That outfit was ugly. She hasnt looked great since ''Selina'' which was the early 90's. Im not going to bitch about her talent because she has never had any, Sorry... she was just a nice piece of ass to look at and got popular due to music video's promotion her asss and datting puff daddy in the 90's. She like her music sucks. Thats still n ugly outfit.


J Lo seems like a good person and that really all people should care about. I do think that the outfit was not flattering at all but her face was still pretty and her body is in good shape, though some disagree. No need to say rude things about people though because this didn't do anything to harm anyone. Also most celebrities only wear outfits once in public so we will probably never se this again.

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