Adam Lambert Rings, Rocks in the New Year

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He was one of the most successful, memorable celebrities of 2009.

Therefore, it was only appropriate that Adam Lambert put on a show to close out his first year in the spotlight.

The American Idol runner-up did just that in Hollywood last night, rocking out at Paramount Studios and ringing in 2010 with fans (and Pamela Anderson, apparently).

Don't worry: no crotches were grabbed, oral sex simulated or animals harmed during the performance. Check out pictures from it below:

Coming at Ya
New Year's Show
Great Performer
Happy Lambert!
The Adam Face

[Photos: Splash News]

On the East Coast, Jennifer Lopez actually did her best Lambert impression, donning an unusual outfit and thrusting her privates into the face of a back-up dancer. Watch her concert, and comment on her clothing, now.


Adam went a bit over the top, simulating oral sex etc., but it didn't btoehr me too much. I think Adam learned some lessons from the experience. What's really p*ssing me off is the way ABC is boycotting him from shows now. I think ABC is perpetuating this whole thing. Adam's a very decent human being, a great guy, and an incredibly talented person.I think ABC has some really hypocritical values. For example, they have all kinds of sexual situations on Cougar Town where Courtney Cox's character is giving BJs etc. That's okay for prime time TV but let's lambast Adam Lambert into the next century. BS!


But YES to those who have posted that it's onward and upward for Lambert, I agree! Which is not to say that it's too late to contact ABC about their unbelievable hyprocrisy with regard to DCNYRE - I think it the spirit moves you - contact them even 'though it's a week later! Some bloggers call those who contact ABC idiots because it won't make a difference - well I guess they are right, BUT we can still register our displeasure w/ their hyprocrisy. It is high time that people understand the fact that Adam Lambert IS THE BOY NEXT DOOR ALSO sometimes, and I have to admit, I'm not some fanatical Glambert, but the man is so talented...and just can not fake that kind of intelligence and niceness in appearance after appearance and interview after interview after interview. Onward and upward.


Lambert's set was awesome. I think perhaps he was right where he was supposed to be NYE. As for ABC, never mind the JLo dancer/crotch thing - ABC & DCNYRE aired the sexually charged "Sex Therapy" by Robin Thicke IMMEDIATELY following the heavily advertised tween guest appearances of Bieber and Selena Gomez! Doesn't matter that it was break, special night, heavily advertised...stunning hyprocrisy! DCNYRE had a "Part 2" broadcast - maybe they should put Thicke & the Keri Hilson T&A show on that. I mean, I don't mind so much personally - but the double standart shown by ABC is truly shocking!


Adam was so great on NEW YEARS! Keep moving up.


Adam Lambert was great on stage and I can not wait to see him agian. He is so real and not fake. He is different then the other stars and that is good. Keep moving up.


There was no better way to welcome the new year - and the new decade - than to share in his aura at Gridlock 2010. I actually caught him for an unscripted, unflashbulbed moment on the red carpet, where he so generously stepped off his rocket ship to sign my FYE CD book. His energy in a quiet moment is as electryflying as his stage performances. He is also more handsome in person, but it's the energy he exudes from the heart and soul that is the most beautiful. Time stopped. As the light caught his midnight blue eyeglitter, we shared a moment of quiet and peace, both of us with our heads bowed as he thougtfully responded to my request for an autograph. Adam Lambert is an American National Treasure. He is surrounded by angels.


Everyone's right! The "concert" was an electrical firestorm! I didn't get to go, but the Gridlock vids on YouTube relive every moment of the event for me! Here's one that I really like. It really gives the sound of a live performance and the video is clear to. (Whole Lotta Love - The video is cut short (about 4min instead of the 5min the song actually was), but it packs it in! Thanks to everyone who participated in Adam's "outing" and posted vids!


I was thrilled to see the NYE concert online! I have been so starved for a real, hot Adam Lambert performance (not the watered down network versions) that makes me squirm in my chair then jump up and MOVE. This NYE concert filled my Adam hunger (for a while). He's a rising star and I'm a star watcher for sure! Mr. Fireworks! My favs from this concert, Down the Rabbit Hole (except for one short off key moment when he didn't have both earbuds in) and Soaked.


Adam Lambert was absolutely THE show to see. Thanks to all who worked diligently to record videos of this outstanding performance. When his tour takes off, the venue will be absolutely packed. Way to go, Adam. Love your New Year's Resolutions. You have helped me stay positive all year.


Well, plenty of crotch was grabbed, but it was all his own and Thank the Rock Gods he didn't feel the need to tone it down. The man KILLED. He ate up that stage and left us all wanting more. It was a phenomenal experience and the only thing that could possibly top it is seeing his full on tour on New Year's Eve.

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