Stars Align For Haiti Telethon

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Last night's TV lineup was notable for two reasons: Conan's last show, and far more significantly, the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon for earthquake relief funds.

The mood was subdued, yet the underlying force of A-list stars was a force to be reckoned with. No one was more instrumental in this than George Clooney.

The actor spent a week pulling together the two-hour Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief, and donated $1 million of his own money.

Anderson Cooper's dispatches from the earthquake-torn nation and Wyclef Jean's closing message of hope for his fellow Haitians were particularly moving.

George Clooney and his army of A-list fundraisers.

You don't often see phone banks manned by the likes of Charlize Theron, Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Cindy Crawford, Ben Affleck, Sigourney Weaver, Ringo Starr and Jack Nicholson - to name a select few.

Did we mention Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Simmons, Zac Efron, Billy Crystal, Gerard Butler, Neil Patrick Harris, LL Cool J and Selena Gomez were also there?

We could go on for hours about this event, which raised tens of millions for a good cause. Click to enlarge some images from our Hope For Haiti Now album:


Nature has this really cool thing called EVOLUTION- it weeds out the lesser, stupider, slower, non-evolving beings to strengthen the species, and make each generation better. the problem is, that bleeding heart Liberals keeps propping up these sub-humans, allowing them to water down society as a whole. back off on the aid, the throwing away of our money, supplies, and support of these "nere-do-wells" and just let nature take it's course and send them back into the dust. Period!
OR just NUKE Haiti, and let it be done. Haitians are all worthless savages, sub-human filth, and have desecrated and stripped Haiti of ALL natural resources, as well as it's once-earned fame as a tropical paradise.


The best thing we cvan do for these 'people' is leave them alone to deal with their own mess. Like a spoiled child who has had everything done for them, Haiti needs to grow up some time and behave like a responsible adult. Now is as good a time as any. Haiti needs to learn to stand on it's own two feet and stop being a drain on the rest of the world. Those blacks killed an awful lot of White people to take that country, now that they have it the least they can do is take care of it. I'm tired of hearing these 'people' whine as they stand waist deep in their own filth, not doing a damned thing for themselves.


One year later and all the niigers in HATEY are still sitting in puddles of their own sh1t waiting for Whitey to rebuild everything.
The Welfare Race wins again!


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chimpout dot c0m has a whole section devoted to facts about HATEY. The only thing wrong with the country is the savages that live there.


Inspite of the hundreds of millions of dollars and all the handouts, only 5% of the debris is cleared- by foreigners! Look at China, after their 'big one', they got to work on cleaning up right away. Cholera shouldn't be an epidemic there, because anyone with half a brain would boil their water- duh! I don't care how poor you are, staying clean doesn't cost a thing. We should rename Haiti the Republic of Gibs-Me-Dat.


Almost a year and these "people" still need "gibs me"??? sitting on their duffs waiting for someone else to rebuild, then the audacity to attack health workers...and now you clowns want mo' money, mo' money.
Chile got beat with a Quake larger, what did they do? they all helped each other and recovered themselves.
Why is it those of African persuasion are so helpless and needy, yet act like bigshots as the World worships them. Wasteful foolishness are 2 words fitting for this fiasco.


I LOVED THIS! The stars were NOT announced when they performed and there wasn't even a trailer on the screen giving their names, because it WAS NOT ABOUT THEM. I adore every single one of them who truly gave of themselves to help others in need. MARVELOUS JOB -- ENCORE1


I think whats happening is out rageous it's terrible we shouldnt have highs and lows royalty and poor we have people less fortunate than ourselves we manage but some people don't we are all born equally and should be treated equally but some where during life that equality and fairness changed some whare along the line why should they have to be the ones to suffer why cant we all treat eachother equally and fairly xx

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