Spotted Together: Adam Lambert and Ferras Alqaisi

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After initial reports surfaced that Adam Lambert was hooking up with Ferras Alqaisi, all has remained quiet on that dating front.

Until now!

The American Idol finalist was spotted at Hotel Cafe in West Hollywood this weekend, attending a Ferras concert. The pair were then seen exiting the building and walking closely together:

Ferras and Adam

Soon after American Idol ended, Lambert went public with his sexuality and then with his relationship with Drake LaBry.

But those two broke up in late October and Adam wasted little time in getting close to Alqaisi. Are they an official item? It's unclear at this time.

As long as he's happy, though, fans - including the THG staff - are happy. Click on the images below for a few closer looks at Lambert and his rumored new mate:

Possible Couple Sighting
Rumored Item
Getting a Ride
Concert Goer
Time for Fans


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OH, kris, he's so over you. You were such a qoqteeze. He's got me now and I'm all he needs! We look way hotter together, too.


You folks are hilarious, but in the future, you could find out more interesting stuff on twitter. It has been reported that Adam is a publicity seeker, not true. He doesn't have to seek anything when you people have someone their every time he steps out, or takes a dump! Fans of Adam Lambert know that Adam, Ferras, and Alison have been friends for a long time, and he does support his friends. So, everytime Adam is seen with someone he has to be dating them, how silly. Must be a slow news day or are you too lazy to find real gossip. I think this just fell into your lap, and you ran with it, how stupid!


You guys need to get your gossip straight. It's pretty bad when we fans know more than you do. C'mon, give us some hot news, not uninvestigated speculation that has a backstory everyone seems to know but you !!!!!


This is sooo stupid. Ferras is a very good friend of Adam's. They're not dating. Adam went to see his friend Alisan and Ferras perform, and came along with his best friend Danielle. Don't make a big deal out of nothing and make up this crap. Hollywood writers and the press are a bunch of idiots.


Adam and Danielle are soooo gorgeous.


LOL. First the media link him to Tommy, then Drake [again!], then Lyndsay Loham (what the...) and now Ferras? LMAO. Adam went to the show with his best friend Danielle to watch his childhood friend Alisan and their musician friend Ferras sing. Alisan KILLED it, she's f-n amazing. Write up something less predictable and cliched next time.


Whatever happened to verifying your facts before writing a story? Adam has been friends with Danielle since 4th grade, and he's known Ferras for years. Ferras and Alison Porter wrote the song "Aftermath" on his FYE CD. He was simply there to support both of his friends' careers. Stop making s--t up just for the sake of a story, as you now have no credibility!


I totally agree with Kris and Stacie - they have been friends for a long time and Adam helped him with his album If you remember, Ferras worked at a clothing store that Adam shopped in. It is really not good as a writer to distort information - when readers pick up on that, they will soon stop reading your articles.


Kris, baby, you know these are just ridiculous rumors. Have you seen Ferras's hair? Umm... just no. You're it for me. It's just that we can't go out until the divorce is final.


Adam, why? You play these back and forth games with me all the damn time. I told you I would leave Katy when the time is right, so you respond by taking this beast out with you instead? I'm done. Done with you, done with everything. Katy, Kyle and I, will be one big happy family now that you've made it clear I no longer mean anything to you. Now that KRADAM means nothing to you. Kradam dude, Kradam.