Sarah Palin Becomes Fox News "Contributor"

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Sarah Palin has signed a deal to become a contributor to Fox News. What she will be contributing is unclear, but the former Alaska Governor will be a fixture.

The network confirmed Palin would appear on the network on a regular basis as part of a multi-year contract, the financial terms of which are not disclosed.

She will not have her own regular show, a person with knowledge of the deal said. Instead she will host a series that will run on Fox News on occasion.

Palin supporters will surely applaud the move, as they would anything she does, while her critics won't be watching. Some suggested titles for her series.

  • You Betcha!
  • North to the Future ... of TV!
  • Paling Around with Palin
  • Going Rogue ... Yes, Again
  • The Week in Levi Johnston Gossip
  • Full of (Pit)Bull: The Sarah Palin Hour

Goodbye, Governor's mansion. Hello, conservative television!

Many suspected that when Palin resigned as Alaska Governor last summer, she was doing so to pursue some sort of lucrative career in television or media.

The Fox News arrangement, however, would not seem to be all-encompassing, and appears to give the mother of five room for her other pursuits, as well.

The deal could be formally announced as early as this afternoon, and may provide additional details as to what we can expect from Sarah's Fox News foray.

We just hope she wears that blue McCain visor.


-her series is sure to be pre-recorded so Fox can edit out all of the blunders she will inevitably make when she opens her pit-bull mouth. When she made the speech over in Asia, real time questions were not allowed-- only questions prepared in advance that her advisors could attempt to insert into her diminutive brain prior to the speech. -come on Rick Maher-- let's nail that warmongering _Neocon_ bimbo!


I love Sarah Palin, if only the good ole USA had more women like her we wouldn't be in the mess we are in. she is beautiful, smart, and witty and best of all successful. She did this on her own she didn't have to steal tax payer money to become rich...I can't wait to see Sarah on Fox!


I have yet to pinpoint it but something bugs me about this woman. I don't know if it's her looks, her overall appearance, the things she says. I think part of it is her hard look, she's so made up all the time, like an old lady with the hair, the makeup, she's only a few years old than me but looks much older. Plus, she just seems so tough, I don't like woman that are too tough I guess. I hate to judge since I don't know her but I can't help myself.


i love sarah palin and very happy that she will be at foxnews. look forward for her first appearance. good luck sarah!


Palin is the best LIAR money CAN BUY...perfect spot for her!~


So Sarah Palin's now a news correspondent!!! In a related story, Jay Leno's now a correspondent for QVC.


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