Chris Harrison Insists Rozlyn Papa Relationship with The Bachelor Staffer Was "Physical"

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The Bachelor host-pimp Chris Harrison is in prime damage control mode, trying to quell rumors that the show manufactured Rozlyn Papa's dismissal Monday.

Papa has denied accusations that she entered into an "inappropriate relationship" with a Bachelor staffer, blasting ABC for concocting that ploy for ratings.

Now it's Harrison's turn to point fingers, telling People that Rozlyn Papa "had a physical relationship with a producer on our show. There is no gray area here."

"You cannot do that. Other girls on the show saw it. The producer confessed more than once [and] to more than one person. I cannot make it any clearer.”

"We would never go to the lengths we did, firing somebody and kicking someone off our show if we thought maybe something might be happening,” he adds.

In several interviews since her dismissal from the show, Rozlyn admitted she is "close" to the producer in question, but says no sex or even kissing ever took place.

Regarding Bachelor spoilers that the crew member scandal was concocted to oust Rozlyn Papa because she wouldn’t "hide" her son from Jake Pavelka, Chris says:

“We were five days in to taping. We weren’t worried about her telling Jake she had a son because she had plenty of time because she was one of the front-runners."

"The fact that she is a mom, not a mom, whatever, had nothing to do with the fact that she had a relationship with one of our producers and had to be kicked off.”

Sure thing. If that's the case, Chris, then riddle us this:

  • Why wasn't Rozlyn's affair shown if the other girls witnessed it?
  • Why was the girl's voice from the promo, insisting "she's having a sexual affair with someone in the house,” never played on the actual episode?
  • Why did you ambiguously accuse Rozlyn of an "inappropriate relationship" on the show, rather than explaining in any detail what she supposedly did?
  • Why were there so many edits/voiceovers/camera angle changes during your little chat with Rozlyn? That doesn't look manipulated at all.
  • Why did Jake not even want to talk to Rozlyn and hear her side?

Something to think about. Here's a clip of the drama ...

Who do you believe in The Bachelor scandal?


I'm really not sure if the whole thing is true or not, although she sure had a guilty look on her face, but I never felt she was the right girl for Jake anyway,,,they are way too different. He seems more like the-boy-next-door and she the glamourous worldly type. Never would have worked anyway


Ginagin, you are way too angry. Total overreaction - you are totally crazy. You have way too much time on your hands...


For-real-tho... Are you some kind of idiot? Do your homework before commenting. She DID want to tell Jake about her son and the producers asked her not to and told her they would have a special moment for her to tell him about her child. Instead, they were trying to make it look like she was hiding the fact she's a mom from him (the original planned "scandal") the other girls told her they saw what they were doing to her and encouraged her to put her foot down... Hence the following chain of events. Producer is on her side, she threatens to go to media, they give her the boot and make a scandal later. How perfect for the network. I can't believe there are idiots out there that still believe these shows are "real".


GUILTY. duh, look at her face.


She is so guilty...she is just ashamed...iti si stupid that she didn't mention that she was a mother, just a sexy experienced model, at all, during the show. If she was such a committed parent, doting on her child...she would have mentioned him at least once...she was playing a game, only there for exposure. This was apparent the first time we saw her whore ass on the show. You idiots need to move on, this woman is miling this sham for all it is worth...she will be screwing Jon Gosselin before we know it


why should we believe her over chris?

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