People's Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Demi Lovato vs. Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is pretty much every person on the planet's choice.

The singer continued her award-winning ways by nabbing Favorite Female Artist at last night's People's Choice Awards. But there's one honor Swift has not walked away with yet:

Champion of a Fashion Face-Off against Demi Lovato.

She has the chance today, however, as these young singers are matched up against one another. Each looked pretty on the red carpet, but only one can be crowned the winner. You tell us who it should be...

Demi Photograph
Everyone's Choice

Who was prettier on the red carpet?

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Demi is way hotter.wth is all this talk that shes fat.shes goregous.Taylor is ok but America is still kissing her butt over the VMA kanye thing.Get over it.


demi es el vestido mas feo obviamente q tengo q elegir a taylor esta mejor q vos :)




Demi, most definitely. And what the hell is everyone talking about? She doesn't look fat in the slightest.


demi looks more beautiful than taylor swift,,, but taylor swift is beautiful too.. both are beautifulll, but i love you demi... 4ev


Well, at least Demi has something TO push up :) She isn't fat, and in this case does not LOOK fat. It's just the way her dress is shaped that leads you to think she's fat. But she's not. I choose Demi :) I love her fashion sense. Taylor's just way too skinny... And, red lipstick really doesn't suit her. It just makes her look ugly.


un beliveable you guys are so crazy when miley wears demis dress and she look just like her you staet to call her names &when demi &selena wear it you say its pretty so miley is the devil and demi and selena are your sweet angels!!! crap and taylor is lovely


OMG!!! How could you'll consider demi in comparision to Taylor . Taylor rulez better luck next time demi


i love demi more than anything in the world and i would just love to meet and talk and get an autograph


I'm a big fan of them both, but Demi looks prettiere than Taylor. Taylor looks beautiful but she is too thin, and her dress is a bit boring. Demi has a beautful body she's not thin or fat. She is normal. But they both look gorgeous :D LOVE YOU TWO.