More Ashley Greene Naked Photos: Released (and Body Painted)!

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At least Ashley Greene has learned something.

In August, pictures of the very naked Twilight Saga star were leaked online. They've since been removed, but trust us: they were quite bare and extremely X-rated.

Therefore, it's nice to see the actress wearing something over her private parts in a new, nationwide photo spread. Well, sort of.

Greene will be featured in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. She'll be starring in a series of ads for SoBe and she'll be donning her birthday suit yet again - this time, however, it will be covered by a painted-on body suit.

Seriously. We gave you a sneak peek earlier in the week and we've uncovered a handful of new images below. Check them out. They're pretty cool.

Naked Suit
Painted and Nude
Greene and Nude
SoBe Gal

Ashley Greene your beautiful and your ten times better than Twilight will ever be.What Im saying is get a new role and show more sex appeal.:)


This is all starting to annoy me now to be honest
Ashley Greene seems like a lovely person
I mean in these pics she is still covered up so does it really matter.
She is gorgeous anyways.. (no im not a lesbian)
and plus its her life


you're hot ashley and you need to put up some more pictures


You Rock...
put up photos of yourselves naked...


Ashley Greene Biography

Greene in Nylon
Ashley Greene just wanted to be a model. She was told, though, that she wasn't tall enough to be a runway model and should instead focus... More »
Jacksonville, Florida
Full Name
Ashley Michele Greene