Loredana Jolie: Tiger Woods is a Freak in Bed; Sex Addiction Rehab is a Lost Cause

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Loredana Jolie says Tiger Woods' treatment for sex addiction might be a lost cause, because he was an animal in the sack and is just "not normal" overall.

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    Tiger attorneys are trying to stop Loredana from writing the Book by paying her off.. Her attorney Michael Aviles is helping her.


    The dude is not gay but may have tried alittle !!!!!!
    steriods , all his record should be void expunged !!! just look at his growth, its not normal ( weights HA HA )
    DUI- hit tree ,fire plug , passed out at scene,admitted as O.D., gave false name william smith FINE 164$ !!!! is there a problem here ???? the pigs suck !!!! ass kissing pieces of s--t..


    the kidnapper of Jaycee Lee Dugard is white.. it is not on the race Kim. People no matter how filthy their lives is if they will meet a real encounter with God then all things are possible to change. A real change that is not only made by professing but something that will be seen by the fruits of the person's deeds.
    That is change and it has nothing to do with race. People yellow, black and white have all crazy and good ones!


    He is half black...he was gonna crack at some time or the other...just look at mike tyson.


    why would anyone believe this? it's sad and ridiculous and gives the woman her 5 minutes of fame. why would tiger do this and take the chance of the world finding out? i believe he was unfaithful multiple times, but let's be honest: the women who have sex with a married man are just as wrong as the man is. it works both ways. No self respect..and a LOVE for money and the chance of seeing themselves on the computer. SAD.


    Women like this are the lowest forms of life on the planet. Tiger should have stayed away, but he has these scavenger women all over him just to get their 10 minutes of fame. Women like this must of grown up without any father figures in their lives so they're taking it out on other men and ruining their lives and their families' lives. Skanks.


    ALl I wanted to say in front of this woman is SHUT UP! GET A LIFE AND MEND IT!!! I just can't imagine what happened to their early lives that they have the nerves to add to this situation.
    I know there is a chance for people to change. I just hope and pray that one day these women will meet a serious situation in their life where they can go back and think of rebuilding it again for their good. I just hope that they will meet the savior so they will have a chance to start a new. May they also stop ruining people's lives.


    these women are so evil, i compare them with the devil himself, they dont know that they are degrading themselves. how can they so much enjoy destroying other peoples'happiness. what they did with him was never meant for public consumption, if so they could have been doing it in the sky for the whole world to see.


    This ho is just another gold digger. Bitch needs to take her plastic tits and silicon lips and pimp them on the streets.


    Of course Tiger had sex with men. Why else do you think his caddie was always walking so awkwardly?

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