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Steven Jackson hears a lot of boos as a member of the St. Louis Rams. If he did what he’s accused of here, he’ll think the abysmal 2009 season was nothing.

The running back is accused of beating up girlfriend Supriya Harris during an “argument” last March – while she was nine months pregnant with his child.

In a complaint filed with the Las Vegas Police Department, Harris says that Steven Jackson “became enraged and pushed me to the ground, repeatedly.”

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Harris claims her then-boyfriend, “forcibly grabbed my arm and flung me against the door. I was protect my stomach from the blows, I was 9 mos pregnant.”

That’s even more messed up than Harris’ grammar.

Did Steven Jackson ram Supriya Harris into a door?

Even worse, Supriya Harris claims Jackson “continued to shove me against the door until his nephew … interceded and yelled, ‘uncle, she has a baby, stop.'”

Harris claims she was “bleeding heavily” from wounds she received after she was smashed into a door handle and Jackson took her to a nearby hospital.

There, he instructed her to lie and tell doctors that she was injured from a fall in the shower. Ten days after the incident, Harris gave birth to their son.

According to the complaint, Harris claims she left Steven four months later after he threatened to beat her up again at a music festival in New Orleans.

Jackson and Harris have been arguing over child support payments, with Harris filing documents begging a judge to force Steven Jackson to pay up.

That case is still pending.