Ke$ha Could Be Gay... or Straight

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Ke$ha is a rising star on the music scene.

She appeared in the Katy Perry video for "I Kissed a Girl" and her single, "Tik Tok," was the most downloaded song by a female artist in 2009.

$tyle $tar

Still, the 22-year old isn't a household name just yet, which may explain why she recently went on the record with Out magazine. There's rarely a better way to garner attention than to sound off about one's sexuality in an ambiguous manner.

Asked if she is gay, Ke$ha replied: "I wouldn’t say I’m gay or straight - I don’t like labeling things anyway. I just like people."

In a different interview, though, the artist makes it fairly clear which gender she wants to attract to the yard via her milkshake.

"Shakira is really hot... Boys are too difficult. Who’s got the time?”

As for being a role model - for the gay community, like Adam Lambert, or anyone - Ke$ha has a take on that, too:

“There are certain things young girls can look to me as a role model for – I’m not saying everything. I do think it’s an important thing that happiness and the amount of money you have are mixed. There’s absolutely no correlation, because the happiest times of my entire life have been when I didn’t have $2.”

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shes just being a bitch about it. all she wants is publicity. in fact, right after that interview i bet she went and fucked some random celebrity dude shes been hittin on.


Just listen to her music, dont bash her for being poor and confused.


Why do people care SO much about everyone's sexual preference, etc. To each his own, I guess I don't understand why it matters, and how being gay or straight has anything to do with how you do your job, mow your lawn, grocery shop, study for school, etc. Yet another issue we dwell upon way too much in this society.


Yay, another one pretending to be gay for publicity!