Jon Gosselin Shows Off Morgan Christie

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Jon Gosselin has eight kids, but he's got more important things to do. Like introducing his new girlfriend, Morgan Christie, to his closest friends – the paparazzi.

Both wearing black jackets, the couple has been photographed at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, the snowy resort town where they first met.

Jon is Such a Tool

They aren't exactly hiding their relationship, either.

Morgan Christie was spotted making out with Jon Gosselin at House of Hype party at Cisero, in what an onlooker called "Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing."

"Everyone remarked how inappropriate it was. [Gosselin] seemed to love the attention ... [Christie] was clingy and got jealous when he talked to other girls."

Jon Gosselin is loving life with Morgan Christie's family's money.

They are staying at a "massive mansion" owned by Christie's weathly family near Park City, where they've been seen at Sundance (she resides in California).

It's all about Utah for Jon, though. Rumor has it the couple may be moving to Utah together, and that Jon is considering it his "home base" now. Loser.

Park City is the same town where Gosselin was photographed on vacation with friends, including schoolteacher Deanna Hummel, in March of last year.

Hummel was the first chick rumored to be doing then-married Jon, who was also linked to Kate Major and Stephanie Santoro, and dated Hailey Glassman.

Jon also took the family on vacation to Park City two years ago. But "This year I'm having fun," he said. "Just snowboarding, relaxing with my girlfriend."

Run for it, Morgan. As fast as you can.


Grow up Jon, Morgan looks like a child next to you. How much time to you actually take to see your children? You need therapy from Doctor Laura. She would have a field day with you. You apparently missed the lesson that when you have children, THEY come first.
You have lost all respect from me and many others. You are the prime example of the problems this country faces. Children are last on the list. Kate may not be perfect, but she did not leave her family. You did.


The guy is a self absorbed, chubby, man boobed douch-bag. Why is he news? Do away with it, he is over, yesterdays news. Move on THG.


this guy is a looser period and yes he has packed on the pounds maybe he should lay off the dope


Jon is a pimp! How many Asian guys with eight kids do you know that can rangle in semi decent looking young women with money that he can? PS - Like his predecessors: John Bobbit and Joey Buttifuoco, Jon is heading straight down the road of porn. I have an idea for his first movie! Jon and Kate Plus 8 Inches.


how old is she? she looks about 13 years old !!!!! scarey!


Kimberley, are you as innocent as you let on? People on the reality shows aren't always real. They do and say what they think people want to hear. Kate was a little more honest in her actions before the cameras than Jon. He fooled me for a while with the henpeck act(the guy has a temper), but now I get the strong feeling he's glad to be rid of the kids. In my book, that makes him a dirtbag. Moving to Utah to be near your latest gf, is a pretty far distance to be away from your 8 kids.


Wow, he's really packed on the pounds!!!


what do these women see in Jon G? He is a pig and funny only dates women with money. Wake up gals - this guy is a LOSER


Lately I have to admit, Jon has come across as more and more . . .well, just not as likeable, but again, that could be due to the whole situation with him and Kate?


I watch the show in England and I'm confused. Didn't they renew their wedding vows in 2009? But then they separated in the same year?!
I've always thought Kate was a bossy control freak, but then I guess we only see a tiny fraction of their lives together. Jon always seemed to be a really nice guy, henpecked by a domineering wife. In one episode she kept on about how they told the kids they'd be together 'forever'. Was she just hanging on for the new home, the ranch, before ending it all, or what? In the interview room, as well as just about everywhere else, she always seemed to be impatient with Jon, and talked over him a lot! Can anyone else shed any light on exactly what happened - btw, I haven't read through loads and loads of comments which may or may not give me an answer, so forgive me for bypassing that route!

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