Jon Gosselin Moving to Utah with Morgan Christie?

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Jon Gosselin and Morgan Christie, who has agreed to be his girlfriend for some reason, have been parading around Utah's Sundance Film Festival, arm-in-arm.

Things must be going pretty well with them, as Jon has already met her parents, and he has been crashing with them at their Park City pad in the past week.

Now, sources say the d-bag could be moving to Utah for good.

Why not? Not like he has a job or kids holding him down.

"Park City is my home now," he was overheard saying at an event Sunday. Let the full-time freeloading off Morgan Christie and her rich family commence!

Jon and Morgan

DOUCHEBAG LEECH: Jon Gosselin is moving (in) fast with Morgan Christie!

Apparently Jon has been telling peeps he's leaving his NYC home to move to Utah - and even that he purchased a home in Park City to live in "for a while."

Jon is a big liar, of course, so who knows. But "he's been staying at Morgan's parents house in Park City," a source tells E! News. "Her dad is big in finance."

Morgan Christie and Jon Gosselin have been doing a lot of snowboarding and spotted at Sundance at the suites set up for celebs in town to promote films.

What else is there for a has-been reality star to do?

"Last time he was here two years ago with his family, no one knew who he was," a Sundance local said. "He was talking about how different this year is."

Jon has not confirmed this Utah move thing, and lies so much we wouldn't believe him anyway, but the rumor is that it's actually happening. Stay tuned.


Anybody who ever watch Jon and Kate plus 8 would back Jon up 100%. Its about time he has some fun in his life. Kate was an absolute horror, and never let him have a bit of fun, or even a second to express himself. It was always about Kate, and only Kate.


this guy is a scumbag he has no job no place to live he doesnt care about his kids because if he did he'd be there with them , kate should behappy because if he's not there he'snot crucifying her


When did dirtbag stop caring about his kids altogether(maybe because you're not making so much money off them now)? Why would you consider moving so far away from where your kids to live? Love has nothing to do with this douche.


Jon rules!!his new squeeze is lucky to have him and his magic sperm-he is a love machine!!


He is obviously still clueless about everything in life. Then you have to ask yourself what kind of girl/woman would want to date him considering what and who he's been thru in the last couple of months. He is THAT great of a catch? Is there no other guy to date out there? I just don't get it.


Somebody please make this fat fart go away forever. Utah is the perfect place for Douchebag. He can convert to Mormonism and have 50 brainless wives at the same time.


I still say she fell on her head while skiing.


who caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaares?! stop wasting space on this douche and report on only *relevant* people and *actual* celebrities.

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