America Loves Oprah Winfrey, Glenn Beck

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According to the results of a new Harris Poll, Jay Leno is not as popular he once was.

Due to his role in the NBC late-night debacle, The Tonight Show host has fallen from the top spot he held last year as the country's favorite TV personality. He now sits at number-three behind Oprah Winfrey and... Glenn Beck?!?!?!?

Really, fellow citizens? You're falling that much for the Fox News anchor's contrived national therapy sessions? We knew the exploitation of the ignorant was lucrative, but we didn't know it made one so popular.

Rounding out the top 10 in the poll were...

4. Ellen DeGeneres and Hugh Laurie from House (tie)
6. Jon Stewart
7. Charlie Sheen
8. Mark Harmon from NCIS
9. David Letterman
10. Bill O’Reilly

So the list includes a racist at number-two and an alleged wife-beater at number-seven? America really may need to rethink its tastes.


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