Spotted at Sundance: Jon Gosselin & Morgan Christie!

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Jon Gosselin and Morgan Christie, his latest girlfriend, made their public debut as a couple this weekend the Sundance Film Festival. Who the heck invited them?

The divorced dad has been spotted with his new gal multiple times in the past few days, holding hands and smiling in snowy Park City, Utah (where they met)!

A Connecticut native, Morgan Christie has relatives in Park City, ironically the same spot where Jon supposedly cheated on ex-wife Kate with Deanna Hummel.

You gotta go with what works, right?

Morgan Christie, Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin and Morgan Christie: Made for each other.

Gosselin and Christie have been dating since Thanksgiving, when he lied about spending time with his grandma but was really in Utah skiing with her.

An insider says things are serious between the two, but that Jon "is trying his best to keep her out of the spotlight while he tries to figure out his life."

Jon? Keeping something out of the spotlight? Please. Dude has an agenda and we all know it. One wonders what possesses a cute girl to date him.

Morgan's family, who Jon has met, must be so proud.


U Jon-hater bitches need to eat this. B=====D ~~~. He's geting so much ass, he's the man! His ex was a bitch and ordered him aroun like like the bitch she is. Let this be a lesson to you broads...well dump u if you mistreat us! There's plenty of pussy out there...we don't and won't put up with your whiny bitchy mouths!


This girl's parents must be so proud. Their daughter is being seen with America's biggest douch-bag. Wonder how much $$$$ he is into her (no pun intended) for. Good thing she has bucks, it takes a lot to support eight children.


*YAWN* who cares about anything to do with this boring douche and any of his pieces-of-ass du jour?


This is only January 2010. It was only last spring that Jon and Kate were announcing they were seperating. Jon said he did not cheat on Kate. That he was not going through a midlife crisis. Actions speak louder than words. He took of to France with a 22 year old. Said the show wasn't hurting the kids, until he was being removed from the show and then he stopped the show because it was bad for his kids. And lets list the rumored women in his life, some he calls his soul mate and others that he denies. Deanna Hummel, Hailey Glassman, Stephanie (babysitter that Kate protested about), Kate Major, Morgan Christie, etc. He is a self centered jackass.


Says a lot about female mentality that a slimeball like Gosselin can even find gfs.


you know instead of parading your latest paycheck errrrr I mean girlfreind up and down streets in order to get your publicity whoring ass in the paper why not go visit your 8 kids you must remember them you ran out on them and there mother


Publicity pig is all the douche bag is; great way to keep her out of the spotlight by parading her up and down the main street praying somebody will notice the loser and snap a picture. All she is is his latest flavor of the month/meal ticket. The sorry excuse for a human being should be trying to get work to pay his child support out of the spotlight because a celebrity is not and never will be. Thank God the kids have Kate.


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