John Mayer Misses Jennifer Aniston, Boasts of Masturbation Expertise

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Don't complain to us about the risque headline above. John Mayer wrote it for us, basically. The dude may be a tool, but at the very least he is an honest tool.


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    Mmmmmmmmmm I wonder if he has ever posted a self-vid on Xtube! He should!


    someone mentioned 'narcicsit'- YOU my frined are a winner. That's exactly what he is. I know someone just like this. Part of the narcicist (mental setup which is actually a disorder) Is the blatantly say things without disregard. THey do not see anything bad in it. Their ego is that high. If he stays in the media's radar; there will be repeat of this kind of sexual greater than thou commenting.


    John needs to grow up and grow a filter. Not every random thought that flows over your brain needs to be verbalized. Most importantly not everyone cares!


    Have to admit I was hypnotized by his compulsion to admit his most personal sexual and other salacious habits. Is he addicted to exposing himself or what. The Playboy interview was revealing to say the least. Check out John Mayer & Masturbation interview in Playboy.


    I'm a woman, and I think John Mayer is A hunky!! Young! ADONIS!!!!!! he is gorgeous from head to toe!!!!!!!!! God was very GOOOOOD to that BOY when he gave him a good looking body, eyes, lips, face, hair, even his voice!! UUUH!! LALAAAAAAAA!!! John mayer is it!!!! I wish I was 30 years younger!! I would hook up!! with him Alright!!!! he is the most gorgeous Man Alive! Today! there is NO!! MATCH!!!!!!! all you hollywood hunks you cannot compare with JOHN MAYER he is too perfect looking!!!!!!!! John Mayer GO!! boy have fun!! you are only young! once!!!! forget what people say about you! you don't have to please!! anybody's opinion of you! be yourself! and don't worry!! alot of people already love you!!!!! and especially WOMEN!!!!!!!!! go boy go!!! and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!


    This ink pad is a no hoper ( wanker). Singing...he has a great voice for eating and drinking with . Any blossom slipping between the sheets with this " #%!!*@ ", must be bloody desperate.


    Oh, whatever! Narcissist...makes love to himself.


    weirdo! can't stand him either.


    when is he gonna go away?


    what a prev!

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