Happy Birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would have turned 254 years old today if he were alive.

The Austrian composer is responsible for over 600 pieces and is often cited as an archetypal example of the Classical style of music.

As Mozart's career went on, he grew to specialize in chromatic harmony that was rare for his era. In 1769, he was honored as the concertmaster of the archbishop and was knighted by the pope in Rome. Not even Taylor Swift has accomplished those achievements!

A father of six, Mozart wrote one of his masterpieces, "Die Zauberflöte," in the last year of his life. He passed away from mercury poisoning (look out, Jeremy Piven!) while being treated for syphilis.

Send in your posthumous birthday wishes today!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In other celebrity birthday news, Lil John turns 39 and British model Daisy Lowe is 21 today.


Wow :D
As I come from Austria, I´m very suprised to see some birthday wishes for W.A.Amadeus =) that´s amazing!
I´ve never thought that today so many people know him =)
But yeah...he was a great guy...living in Salzburg and beeing one of the famous advertising faces for my country, hehehe!
So... --Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Wolferl! Du warst einer der besten Komponisten =)-- [Had to say it in my mother tongue ;) and my english is bad...haha, sorry!]
Greetings from the cold and snowed Austria!


Even if it is a day late, happy birthday to the everlasting, largest genius of all time


It's my birthday, too! My parents raised me on classical music, and Mozart was my absolute favorite as a child (and still is). I remember being very young and my mother telling me that I shared a birthday with him; I couldn't have been a happier girl! He's the best birthday twin ever. :) Happy Birthday, Mozart!


Happy birthday Amadeus!! I bet up there you're still composing the heavenliest music we'll have been listening.


We are such BIG fans that were going out to dinner


Happy Birthday Wolfie. You're the greatest. A lifetime of just your music is all one really needs.


Happy birthday Wolfgang! You have made our lives much more lighter. Every time I listen to Mozart's music I am the happiest man in the world !!!


Thank youMozart!!! You are "da bomb". I can listen to your music all day. Doubt if any pop artist will be remembered 254 years later. Michael Jackson has nothing over you.!!!!!


Mozart died from a Stepp infection. But anyway, Happy Birthday Wolfgang. To those that love you, you have never died.


There is no evidence that Mozart had syphilis when he died. Mercury poisoning is also just one of the several theories proffered to account for Mozart's death. Who the hell is your fact checker?

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