False Report: Oprah Winfrey to Address Lesbian Rumors in New Book

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We can at least say this about The National Enquirer: it's one tabloid NOT making up rumors about a Brangelina break-up.

But the publication is teasing a false story in its latest issue, as it claims Oprah Winfrey is on the verge of publishing a memoir that will "finally reveal the truth about her relationships with longtime companion Stedman Graham and best friend Gayle King."

Late last year, the newspaper claimed Oprah would dump Stedman and move in with King. Shockingly, that never took place.

Oprah vs. Stedman

Sources say the upcoming autobiography will focus on Oprah's deepest secrets, such as the gay rumors that have plagued her for years; as well as the fact that she's allegedly spent $5 million over the years to control her weight.

"Oprah has long shrugged off the persistent story that she and Gayle are lovers, and that Stedman was just a cover for their secret relationship," an insider said, not actually divulging anything about the talk show host.

Professional, Winfrey is on fire: she's interviewed Barack Obama, Adam Lambert, Susan Boyle, Lady GaGa, Bristol Palin and Jay Leno over the last few weeks.

So far, The Enquirer is yet to link her romantically to any of those guests.


Oprah is a fantastic person and she is very honest and I believe if she was gay we would know about and we will accept her for who she is, we should be lucky to have someone like Oprah to help us and make as better people.
God truly bless her and keep her safe always.
Love you O


does it matter she has fulfilled purpose let her be they always want to bring good people down even if she is gay we have the right to be what ever we want to be she is successful and fulfilled


I look at Oprah's brilliant mind and her kindness to humanity. She's a wonderful human being and has worked very hard in her life to excel to where she is at now. I love you Oprah. Yolanda


We all know that Oprah does not have any secrets.
She has always told us everything that she wanted us to know!!


It amazes me that people are so obsessed with the sexual orientation of every single celebrity etc. Why is that? Why should we care who a person finds attractive or sleeps with, dates, etc.?? I scratch my head on this all the time. Is she or isn't she? Leave these people alone, let them at least have some type of private life when it comes to their sex lives. Then on the other hand you have people that feel the need to let everyone know their preference. I am not gay so I don't know how it would feel to be in the minority so to speak. But I wish people like Adam Lambert, who I think is a good preformer, wouldn't feel the need to push the issue. It's a private thing and no one's business. JMO.


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