Report: Oprah Winfrey to Dump Stedman Graham

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Oprah Winfrey is not typically a source for celebrity gossip fodder.

But, hey, The National Enquirer, can't make up stories about only Rachel Uchitel all the time!

According to the supermarket tabloid, Oprah isn't just ending her talk show in 2011. She's soon calling it quits with very long-time boyfriend Stedman Graham.

Imaginary Sources say Oprah will disappear from TV once the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is launched, help groom BFF Gayle King for her own program and end her relationship with Stedman in order to move in with King.

"Now that she's giving up her talk show, Oprah sees no reason to stay in Chicago," an insider said. "She was planning on making the transition to the Southern California area anyway, for the sake of her Oprah Winfrey Network.

"She and Gayle have a number of good friends in the Santa Barbara area, and they feel like it's home. They both love it there."

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I am amazed that these mags. always have an "Insider" 'thats close' to the celebrity they're gossiping/lying about. The closest person to Oprah is her BFF so why not ask her. She was asked once and she very proffessionlly and firmly put that lie to rest and the reporter walked away with egg on her face. It's amazing that all these mags. get rich lying on people. Can't wait for the table to turn on the ones who do such things.


Who cares, we dont even know her, and she does knows.


Come on people...stop it!! If Oprah continues to live with her longtime boyfriend, she is living in sin... If she moves in with her longtime best friend, she must be gay...cause that is the only reason you live with anyone right..??? To have sex..right? America..give it a rest... Jealousy and envy are the real reasons people want to make her into fodder for gossip...


who even cares bout oprah any more!? just let the woman retier!


Stedman always seems like a Dudman whenever I've seen them together. After 23 years, the blush is really off the rose, she's post menopausal . . . time to move in with the BF and enjoy the rest of her life! My BFF and I talk about it occasionally - we'll move in together and become the neighborhood cat ladies. LOL


Sad, but I really do think they are together.


Can't Oprah just dump herself and give us all a rest?


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