Everyone Wants a Piece of Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson's estate is doing pretty well these days, with the release of the album and film This Is It and the renewed interest in the late King of Pop in general.

But it's also dealing with claims adding up to tens of millions.

Rest in Peace MJ

Soon enough, the list of people who claim Michael Jackson owed them money will be longer than his FBI file. Estimates are that the total claims exceed $20 million.

For starters, there's a $5 million claim from a memorabilia collector, and a $1 million claim from someone who wants a cut of Michael's epic "Thriller" music video.

Then there's a $2.3 million claim from Dr. Tohme Tohme and a $1.5 million claim from a law firm (multiple law firms are trying to claim a piece of MJ's estate).

That does not mean the estate will pay all the claims, as the executors will make that determination (and can only be overruled if a judge orders them to pay).

Among the self-proclaimed family members likely to be shut down:


eres el maximo exponente en el pop


..nothing's new...SAME CRAFT....disgusting act&misunderstood moment...really don't meet the realization!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!...do meET your CONSCIENCE...even FOR THE LAST TIME!-do OFFER what MJJ is DESERVing FOR!-yet I DO HOPE YOUR PEACE-OF-MIND!GODBLESS!".)


Anda, anda, como se aprovecha todo el mundo para recaudar lo que sea, incluso su propia família diciendo que la firma de MJ en el testamento es falsa.
A él no le preocupaba el dinero, sólo le gustaba cantar y bailar y justo cuando terminó los últimos ensayos fue cuando le vino la ansiedad después de tanto tiempo sin actuar, y pasó lo que pasó que "entre todos lo matamos y él solo se murió".
Nunca sabremos lo que pasó en su casa con todos los niños pero solo Dios puede perdonarlo.
No habrá otro Michael Jackson igual como no habrá otro papa Juan Pablo II, 2 personas que se dejaron querer y que ayudaron mucho a los necesitados.


Nothing new there then.
The same done to this beautiful, beautiful soul when he was alive. Human nature.
Ain't it grand.


Just leave the guy alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These people are a bunch of leeches!
It's disgusting how greedy people can be!


Isnt everybody feed up of these leeches always trying to make money from every situation.Leave micheal jackson .god bless him.alone he is dancing up in heaven


Micheal jackson is the best .He was a great man .Leave him alone .


Man aint nobody but his 3 children, brothers and sisters and his parents that deserve the money from the estate!! These leeches should bury their heads in shame and leave Michael's sole to rest in peace! InshAllah all will work out well! Ameen.


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