Michael Jackson Estate Still Battling Joe Jackson

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Joe Jackson.

That's the biggest reason the executors of Michael Jackson's estate believe they are entitled to more than the statutory fee most executors receive.

That and the 14-hour days.

According to legal documents filed with the court, co-executors John Branca and John McClain "defend the estate from a steady barrage of attacks."

Those attacks would be courtesy of the late music icon's erratic father, Joe Jackson and, until recently, by his mother and other family members too.

They claim they've been working 14 hours a day, seven days a week since they were appointed and say their "business reputations and the character and reputation of Michael Jackson were being assaulted by personal and unfounded attacks."

Joe Jackson is still making Michael's life difficult.

This forced them to correct these allegations fervently and publicly in order to protect the Michael Jackson estate and the Michael Jackson brand.

No specific behavior by Joe was mentioned (in reports), but his relentless quest to cash in can mean objections raised to ... just about everything.

Guy is not known for tact, either.

Branca and McClain say at the time Michael Jackson died June 25, Michael and his businesses were named as defendants in 11 separate lawsuits.

It only got worse after his death.

Executors get a percentage of the value of the estate. Jackson's two are asking for "extraordinary compensation" for work most executors never have to do.


well the media did have alot of play in michaels sorrow. they always loved to tell lies. that i believe. buy i agree with cris on one thing let the brothers take care of their father since they want to lie for him. katrine needs to stand up an take control. she should of got rid of joe along time ago. i do feel for the kids mj did his best to keep them out of public eye. an thats the way he wanted it they should respect that. i think that money should go to his kids not the grandparents or the brothers or sisters. i think thats what mj would of wanted. mj left jow out of the will for a reason. deal with it. great point Curious. joe dresses nice for not having money. im starting to wonder if he had something to do with mj death since no one else will say it. mj fans deserve some answers. an mj deserves justice. mj is stil troubled at times cuz of this someone needs to end the drama. i wish i could do it if i had it my way the kids would get the money an murray would go down slow


Joe Jackson is a perfect example of an abuser. he never respected Michael and he is not respecting him now as well. He simply never gave a s**t. Why other kids can't support their father? Especially that double faced Jermaine who is so money hungry that is sick.
Joe jackson spent money boys made on whoring around, supporting his love child and her mother, so it is his problem he does not have funds. let him live on support like others. What is the big deal? Andif brothers feel sorry for him, let them take him in.


What disgusts me is how the siblings are all taking up for Joe knowing full well he was abusive to them. He was extremely hard on Michael and they all know this. Don't think that the siblings aren't in for their share of the pie as well. Why do you think all of them having been speaking out about Michael's alleged "problem" with drugs. They have been working just as hard to have that will invalidated. I really don't want the kids around that family anymore. They are doing nothing but exploiting them for money. We can blame the media all we want, but the family (his mother) should exercise more control over this. Michael, what I wouldn't give to have you back so that whole nightmare would end. :(


No wonder Michael left him out of the will...what a pain in the a$$ Joseph is. He was all about money before Michael was even born. Shame!


I hope the father doesnt get anything. If the other members want to support him then they should but he shouldnt expect Michael to like he expected Michael to when he was alive. Michael wasnt the closest to his family, especially the father. For Joe to be fighting the estate for his sons money makes me think less of him. Michael made this money on his own. JOe may have got him started but Michael did the rest himself. Joe needs to support himself or the rest of the family can. They are alive and can choose themselves if they want. Joseph should not mooch off Michaels money like he did when Michael was alive. It just is so low of Joe to even fight for it. There was a remark said to either by Joe or Latoya that MIchael was worth more dead then alive. What kind of thing is that to say? Anyways since JOe wasnt mentioned in the will then he has no right to his sons money. Maybe he should support himself for once

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