Did Madonna Come Between A-Rod & Kate Hudson?

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In late 2008 and early 2009, the relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Madonna was frequent gossip fodder as the baseball star was divorcing his wife.

It was reported that an "affair of the heart" (or more) with Madge led to a contentious end to A-Rod's marriage, which also produced two small children.

Now it looks like Cynthia Rodriguez may have company.

Actress Kate Hudson reportedly dumped the World Series winner after eight months because "his heart belongs to Madonna," the New York Daily News says.

Hudson warned A-Rod that if he continued talking to the music icon she would leave, and kept her promise when A-Rod kept calling and texting the singer.


Is A-Rod still hung up on Madonna - and did Kate dump him for it?

"Kate was jealous," said a source. "She gave A-Rod three chances to stop contacting Madonna. How would you feel if your new boyfriend kept calling his ex?"

Well, if she's his f*%king soulmate, then ...

The source said it broke Hudson's heart but she didn't want to be the other woman: "She said that if Madonna is what A-Rod wants then she can have him."

Madonna has been reportedly tied to Brazilian model Jesus Luz since breaking up with A-Rod in early 2009. The extent of their relationship is rather unclear.

Regardless, this story doesn't jibe with previous reports that Alex called it off because Kate was dating him for fame and publicity and was taking it too fast.

Whatever happened, there's no telling where this Rod will end up next.


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its the simple thing that make woman more attractive to men, it seems even players like arod still perfer his chicks to have some of that inner beauty like common sense a smart brain and a sense of independence.. being the hottest chick on the planet dont count for anything if you dont have some common sense, seems hudson lacks alot of personal attributes, thats all it takes to turn a man off.


kate hudson blames everybody and everything for her boring life, shes a 30something lonely single woman so so desparate to marry that shes made it a mission to chase down high profile men and try force them to marry her, she best put her energies into fixing her fledging career and her bad acting, then maybe some men will take her seriously, no man wants a high maintenance lazy woman with no sense of direction in life, even arod does his share of charity work.


Can't blame him Madonna is HOT!


madonna had nothing to do with there breakup, arods just not interested in her.


I bet Kate left him because she's having problems getting rid of the STD's. Madonna already has them so she don't care.


He dumped her. Amusing how her PR people are putting their spin on it; guess they don't want her to look like that 5-time loser.


Kate hudson, russel, hawn and their violent clan and mob of cohort friends are violent and it seems crazy. If someone left her it would just be one more. They should be sued for complacent threats and simple stupidity as well as hostile reporters who don't have real jobs. You are not really the center of the world.

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