Cover Wars: Kendra and Kourtney Talk, Exploit Babies with Dueling Tabloids

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When most people become parents for the first time, they're overwhelmed by the sounds of a baby crying.

For Kendra Wilkinson and Kourtney Kardashian, however, the only sound they hear when they look at little Mason and Hank is: Cha-ching!

Within days of giving birth, each of these publicity hounds graced the covers of various supermarket tabloids and website home pages.

Now, a few weeks after squaring off in a THG Tale of the Tape, Kendra and Kourtney continue to exploit their children in dueling magazine features.

Among the (utterly mundane) "exclusives" these issues offer readers this week?

  • Scott Disick (gasp!) changes diapers.
  • Hank Baskett loves his wife's backside.
  • Both Kourtney and Kendra are dropping their baby weight (thank goodness!).
  • Mason changed Kourtney's life (by putting a lot more money in her pocket).

Approximately four million women give birth each year in the United States. If any of the 3,999,998 feel like explaining to Kardashian and Wilkinson what motherhood is truly about, we encourage you to do so now.

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It is sad that Kris Jenner has raised her 4 oldest children to be morally bankrupty and useless. Hopefully, Bruce can save the younger 2 girls from Kris. They all sell their souls for a buck without caring about the consequences. What happens when the older girls cannot get by on their looks as they age? They have nothing of substance and the son is a totally lost cause.


If they didn't do the pictures of there own free will then they would be hounded by photographers trying to get the pictures... I don't think they are exploiting there children I think these are 2 VERY PROUD MAMA'S!!!! They are showing off their new additions!!! That's something all caring mothers do with their newborns... Look on a facebook page of a new mother and you will see hundreds of photos of their new baby, that's ok, but it's not ok for these two to show the world their's.. I'm glad they did... It shows how proud they are of their new little bundles of joy.


I think the media has exploited celebs so much it's time celebs took matters into their hands. Instead of the media snapping pics of them and their children they'd rather sell the pics - Hooray!! i goes to show that Kendra isn't as dumb as the show makes her to be.


I'm about to be a new mom and I think it's nice to see what other moms are going through and its cool to see what there babys look like. After going through all this I'm sure you want to show off your new baby to the world and to get paid for it even better I say go girls make that money for your babys!


i really don't care about any of them. I'm just leaving a comment because if you see the bottom of ok! magazine you can see a photo of rob and kristen together in their "secret vacation"


Does anyone but me think it is strange that the Black man WITH MONEY chasing Kardashian sisters, who are in serious relationships, ARE NOT THE KARDASHIAN HAVING A LIFE LONG COMMITMENT TO THEIR BLACK MEN BY HAVING A CHILD, BUT THIS ONE WITH A POOR WHITE MAN WITH NO MONEY HAS A BABY??? Sounds like stupid rascist, only interested in black man money to me.


kourtney's "accessory" is ugly


Does anyone really care about these women's babies? Oooh the baby cried today! We want more drug overdoses, more sex scandals and dammit more Megan Fox in a bikini!!!


lol...look at these articles and see how horribley these poor babies are being used and exploited....what a joke, many many women are interested to know how they handle it all, mothers are proud of their babies and love to share this fact....nobody is perfect, to hear how these women have the same problems as other mothers is not "exploiting" thier babies. Who do you think the money is for, anyhow...make money for the babies while people are still buying, girls....screw these dried up old maids...


The fact is, g, they have not done a damned thing wrong...they are taking care of their babies and apparently have many people that are jealous about it...nothing wrong with making money by giving interviews about their new motherhood and is wrong with you people?

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