Kendra Wilkinson Continues to Cash In on Motherhood

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This must be some sort of record.

On December 11, Kendra Wilkinson gave birth to her first child, a son named Hank Baskett IV. She then gave an interview to OK! Weekly from her hospital room and wound up on that tabloid's cover within days.

Now, the former Playboy model and old man banger is featured in the publication yet again. Forget the sounds of a baby crying. All Kendra appears to hear when she looks at her child is the sound of a cash register ringing!

Weight Loss Secrets

The cover story sends an unhealthy message to women: you better lose that pregnancy weight ASAP!

“The doctor said I can’t exercise until after six weeks [due to a C-section], but getting up and down in the middle of the night — feeding him, changing him and soothing him when he’s crying — is my ab workout already," Wilkinson says in the issue.

Also featured: baby Hank's second photo shoot in less than a month. This adorable child is gonna start thinking the paparazzi are his relatives.

The magazine does also promise an exclusive interview with Snooki from Jersey Shore. We can't find anything to criticize with that. She's awesome.


I definately agree with the comments from the other readers. Kendra is a model and reality tv star. Her getting married, pregnant, and giving birth is her reality/life at the moment. It's the show staff jobs to capture these moments, and they have. If you dont like it, then dont watch it. I think you're jealous and or bitter too, and as your name states; a HATER. Let her and her fam have their moment. You know that none of these reality shows last forever, and to top it off she cant model right now, and babies are expensive. So lay off HATER.


I think your comments are very rude. She obviously adores her son. She is a reality star and people are interested In her life so if they offer her money so what. This is how she makes her income. Sounds to me like your jealous that nobody wants to pay you and your family to be on a cover.


She has done what every other 'celebrity' does.
Kourtney Kardashian done the same with the next shoot in OK. Kendras life has always been about the reality shows from the playboy mansion to her own series.
If you dnt like it then you dont have to read it. Every new mum is now under pressure to lose weight not because Kendra wilkinson done a shoot in OK, its because the MEDIA is on the back of every celeb whos given birth. Give her break. The press would be after shoots of her baby or her weight loss so she might as well get the money.


Is she breastfeeding? I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks as well and it had nothing to do with diet! Let's see how she does with that final 10.

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