Stephanie Breshears: John Edwards Hit on Me!

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John Edwards is on the verge of divorcing wife Elizabeth and trawling for other women, according to reports. Inclined not to believe that? We don't blame you.

However, when the Enquirer reported that John was having an affair with Rielle Hunter and got her pregnant in 2007-2008, that seemed ridiculously absurd.

We know how that turned out.

The same celebrity gossip tabloid that outed his previous affair and sank Edwards' career now reports that he has embarked on a "sex-and-booze bender."

While still publicly not admitting paternity of (or financially supporting) his love child - who turns two in February - the disgraced politician is on the prowl!

Before booting her shameless husband from their home after Christmas, Elizabeth Edwards screamed at John that she was "finally signing" divorce papers.

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Edwards fled to the couple's vacation home near Wilmington, N.C., where he drank and attempted to get in the sack with Stephanie Breshears, an attractive bartender.

Stephanie says that Edwards tried to get her to go back to his house for sex "for four consecutive nights" after meeting her at the Kornerstone Bistro, where she works.

"I think he's absolute scum," Stephanie said. "He was definitely looking to pick up women when he came in here - and he wanted me to go back to his house with."

"He said he'd been thinking about me since he and his wife were in last summer. He said I had run through his mind 'time and time' again. He said I was 'attractive.'

"He asked what I was doing after work and I told him I had plans with friends. But he told me he was staying on Figure Eight Island, and that I should join him."

Incredibly, minutes after giving Stephanie his phone number, Edwards started flirting with another woman. "He told her he was 'separated, soon to be divorced.'"


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