Courtney Love: Topless on Twitter

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Having briefly left Twitter and taken her crazy, online rants to Facebook for a time, Courtney Love returned to her social networking site of choice recently.

And posted topless pictures of herself.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic

Maybe she's trying to show Lindsay Lohan how it's done. Maybe she's jealous of how much attention Tila Tequila has been getting through inane Tweets.

Just please don't do this ever again:

Anyone wondering why Frances Bean Cobain wanted to be legally set free from her mother likely need not look any farther than the disturbing image above.


lol. maybe it's just generally stupid to post a pic up of yourself with your nipples showing. that pink star? covering a nipple! even if i was a celebrity, i wouldnt post a pic of myself showing my nipples. maybe if i was a porn star, but im not. i wouldnt show my nipples to the world, especially if my daughter already hated me. do you think poor frances wants everyone in highschool to say: "ive seen your mom naked!"
all you people who think this is okay, what do your profile pictures look like? if you want to show off your tattoos, cover up the nasty bits, cause any kid can stumble upon stuff like this. i just think its inapporpriate, but if she wants to do it, fine by me. she just shouldnt complain about her daughter not wanting to have anything to do with her. poor frances...


All I can say is she doesn't look close to 45. In that pic, she looks about 30. I've seen a lot of other pics of her and she looks about 35 in most. Not sure what all this crap is about her not looking good. Thinking it's just cool to hate Courtney. Obejectively, she's quite pretty now. In this pic, she has no or very little make up plus the people can't see beyond that. She's actually quite a natural beauty these of she'd only quit screwing with her face and leave well enough alone!


Wow, she looks gorgeous. How old is she? How much hard partying? And still alablaster skin! Bet all ye haters are absolute perfection...


you guys are very rude. theres no problem with her wanting to share her tattoos..? they're very cute in my opinion!also, i think courtney looks great and happy and healthy in this pic! i agree with most of what oh_please says. Hole is my fav band of all time. Courtney is my fav female musician of all time. im glad she posted this picture, because i was curious to see those pretty new tattoos. if you disagree, fuk off. :)
thanks and have a nice day


poor Kurt must be turning over in his grave and asking himself how high on heroin he must have been to be able to screw & marry THIS!


Why did I look?


she's looking more and more like that crack whore, prostitute that she portrayed in that movie about Larry Flynt...his wife that dies of A.I.D.S.


ok that's pretty fucking gross

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