Frances Bean Cobain No Longer Under Custody of Crazy Mom Courtney Love

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Courtney Love is insane. That's common knowledge among music and gossip fans. But this time, her antics may have led to serious consequences.

The troubled rock star has lost legal custody of daughter Frances Bean Cobain, her only child with late husband Kurt Cobain, according to reports.

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It's unclear what prompted the legal change of Frances Bean's custody status, which is confirmed in documents filed Friday in L.A. Superior Court.

Maybe Court's complete lack of coherent thoughts lately?

Love's Facebook and Twitter pages have recently devolved into rambling, incomprehensible diatribes, though, leading THG to question her sanity.

We're talking even more than we otherwise would.

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, Edward Norton, trustees of her daughter's trust fund, Lindsay Lohan Britney Spears - no one is safe from Love's rants.

But 17-year-old Frances Bean Cobain is safe, at least for now, thanks to a ruling that named Kurt Cobain's mother and sister as legal guardians.

As guardians of Frances Bean Cobain, Wendy O'Connor and Kimberly Cobain are in charge of her education, living situation, health care and finances.

There was no end date set for this arrangement, but either Love will regain custody per court order or Frances will cease being a minor in August.

Love was not present for the decision. Her publicist, Alan Nierob, who really needs to get her Facebook page under control, denied further comment.

A lawyer for Kurt Cobain's mother and sister said this is a private family matter and no statement would be issued on the reason behind the move.

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does anybody knows what happend to Frances? i want to find her on facebook and stuff, i'm a really big Nirvana fan, i would love to meet Frances :)))


does anyone know why they put screws in my leg without my permission?


You use Court twice to refer to two diferent entities. That's just crappy writing.


This is good news for everyone concerned.
Justice corrects injustice.


We told her not to continue sniffing the glue. idiot.