TLC Tears Jon Gosselin a New One in Court

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As we could have predicted, the TLC brass is going off on Jon Gosselin in court, calling the reality TV dad's recent behavior a downright "embarrassment."

Edward Sabin, the network's chief executive, testified in TLC's breach of contract lawsuit against Jon, scoffing at Jon's conduct over the past few months.

Among the many examples of Jon's alleged misconduct?

Sabin ridiculed Jon's decision to host a pool party at the MGM Grand in Vegas a few months ago and says TLC even forbade him from doing so beforehand.

The reason? "Jon surrounded by scores of bikini-clad women is inconsistent with the image of our show." That and it was in violation of his contract. Details.

Jon Gets Possessed

We know. What a douchebag.

Continuing his dressing down of Jon, the TLC exec ripped him for hanging out by the fence outside of his house and chatting with celebrity gossip photographers.

That was something he did on a fairly routine basis. As was parading around with girlfriend Hailey Glassman, who he took on a trip to France over the summer.

On that trip, TLC alleges (and we're pretty sure they're correct), he met with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier and said his children would model a kids' line.

Lastly, and still significantly, Sabin called out Jon for breaking his contract with TLC by accepting money for interviews, which he did a lot. Like nightly for awhile.

Jon Gosselin was a no-show when the proceedings got underway, but he's expected to show up for the afternoon session a bit later. Updates to come if he does.


Once again this loser, d-bag, self absorbed geek shows his true colors. He hides out and let's someone take care of this problem, his lawyers, and then will not accept any blame when it doesn't go his way. Grow up and get a life. Maybe a job would help...oh I forgot hes too famous to get a job. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL LOSER!!!!!!


Wait a minute..Jonboy had an ephipany (lol) concerning his children being in front of a camera...BUT he was quite willing to have them model clothing? HA!..Jon's a living breathing oxymoron in more than one way. He doesn't even know when he's contradicting his position, regarding his children. The pic above says it all. What an idiot. I've no doubt the reason Jonboy didn't show, was because he was stoned..probably got loaded last nite because he was afraid of being exposed for what he is, in court. Someone neuter this guy, please. We don't need more replicas of him around.


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