Report: Tiger Woods Had Plastic Surgery After Elin Smashed His Face with Golf Club

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In perhaps the craziest piece of Tiger Woods gossip to date, a respected sportswriter is claiming that the world's #1 golfer underwent reconstructive surgery.

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    hahahahahahahahah daft slaggggggggggggggg, what a fucking trollop


    Good for the asshole! Teach him to think he can get away with shit like that! You go girl I know lots of people are cheering about this.


    You people gossip too much. He has apologized and wants to make amends. Live and let live. He still has a life to live and she will be rich forever thanks to him. I am not condoning his actions, but let it go!!!


    What does it matter? Tiger is a great golfer with personal problems and Elin is absolutely a beautiful woman. How bout we go , OMG instead of playing off this awful thing and making as much money as we can, why dont we let them know we r rooting for them in their time of troubles


    It definately sounds true to me I lived with a violent woman and she nearly did the same to me but I saw It coming and ducked under the club (3 wood!!) oh and I didnt actually have an affair ...


    Elin did not yell "fore" ---she just let the Tiger have it....apparently it sent Tiger running....bwaahahha! On behalf of all the wives and X wives of these cheaters...I say: *Go Elin! GIRL POWER! * high five!


    TO Tiger and Elin,

    I wish you both to start your new year together. Forget the past mistakes, take the lessons so you will not do it again. Make things anew and start a brand new start for your kids.

    You have a future together. Elin might have hit you but sometimes, the harder the hit, the greater is the love. Love is strange but sometimes we do crazy things to fight for it when we get hurt. I hope you will believe those positive people who will tell you that you still can make it. We are praying for you. Happy Birthday Elin. And God give you both wisdom how to deal with all the pains, how to release forgiveness and the strength to stay away from temptations. God bless


    Elin is a ButterFace.


    Tiger, if she hit you with a nine iron, dump her. Take the kids and keep on visiting the bimbos. Elin is nothing. Plenty more fish in the sea.


    Utel is a scab horse faced ho.

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