Spotted Partying: Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel?!

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This is getting ridiculous.

We know Rachel Uchitel has been spending time lately in Palm Beach, Florida. We know Tiger Woods' yacht is docked in Palm Beach, Florida. We know someone supposedly spotted them together around said boat on December 23.

All circumstantial evidence or hearsay, to be sure.

But now Entertainment Tonight claims Tiger, who's gone AWOL since wrecking his car and reputation last month, was partying there last night - with mistress #1 in tow.

Not that ET is gospel by any means, but we honestly wouldn't put this past Tiger, no matter how hard he is supposedly working to salvage his shattered marriage.

Rache and Tiges

Is Rachel Uchitel still doing Tiger Woods?

The entertainment site claims Rachel Uchitel was spotted holding hands with the world's #1 golfer and mingling with about 300 other partygoers Sunday night.

The location? A private mansion in Palm Beach.

Reports also surfaced that the couple partied together Saturday at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach. Would they really be able to without pics getting out?

You wouldn't think so, but then again, you wouldn't think Tiger freaking Woods would have been juggling 11 mistresses (and counting), now would you?

All we know is that if this is true, there must be something completely irresistable about Rachel Uchitel, because that chick wrecks homes like it's her job.

Elin better ask for the yacht in the divorce.


SHE wrecks homes? Uh , wait a minute....did she force Tiger to do the things he did? With 10 other women? Puhleeze.......he's the homewrecker......he chose the behavior and lifestyle that caused this entire problem. HE is responsible for his actions...NO ONE ELSE. Stop blaming the woman...if it wasn't her it'd be someone else....oh wait it WAS someone else, and someone else, and someone else.....


i havelost all respect for tiger.i used to watch him play golf, not,not anymore.


If this is wat u americans call development i deeply weep 4 u, no wonder divorce has become big biz in america! Which one of u critisizing woods can admit his a saint[male or female even elin]. In my contry issues like dis are easily resolved by both parterns wit out even geting their parents involved [or there children geting to know] even if it takes 10years. Those r 1 of the sacrifices of marriage, it is for better for worse but in america, it is for better or divorce! No sence of humanity, life is not always a bed of rosses!


Look at it this way. Most black men don't even marry their baby mommas. He at least married his. So he wants lots more on the side. Just like the rest of his home boys.


I think this is typical Tiger Woods behaviour. He needs constant companionship by his lady of the moment.. Rachel will be short lived.. Not so beautiful Elin. Tiger will view this mess maybe 10 years from now and will weep bitter tears. Unfortunately, Tiger has no inner moral voice regarding marriage or any real respect for women.


cheata woods? if he is so bold to dick around on his wife with over a dozen documented much more likely he would cheat at golf by using steroids?
Woods don't give a sheite about his's what she knows about him and possible repercussions that has him worried and shut up like a rat in a cage.


I do not think he is still seeing his whore. I think he is trying to figure out what to do since he won't come out in public and face his fans to talk about his demons.
There is another rumour that he has turned to Arnold Palmer for guidance.
I hope that last rumour is true.


I don't believe the story. I don't have respect for Tiger as a man but no matter what a sleeze he is in his personal life you can't take away the fact that he is one of the greatest athletes in the world. As for Elin and the children I feel sorry for them but as a woman I have to say I can't believe that he had so many women and she didn't know. Lots of women deal with their husbands cheating as long as they don't get caught and embarrass the family. Perhaps this is why the fight that night because the National Enquirer broke the story of him and Rachel.


Tiger Woods at the Everglades Club? I don't think that's possible since they don't allow black matter how famous they may be. Rachel's mother is not a member there either, so I think this part is bogus. Coincidentally, the last time I saw Rachel was just after her then fiance was killed during the 9-11 attacks, and just before his parents kicked her out of the apartment they had been sharing. Has this been mentioned in the press?


respect Tiger.... you played golf since you were five... you deserve some fun, dude. and poor old Elin??? c'mon.... she was after the $$$ from the beginning!!!! that is why she organized all this jazz... i hope he has a good prenup agreement... he is th kind of guy he can have any girl on earth. good looking, smart, hyper rich, famous... she went for the megabucks when she succeded in marrying him. Working in the city (London), I've seen these stories 1000 times. in wall street, if you want to marry a girl, you have to buy her a diamond = 3 months of salary + bonus. in the good years, late 20's girls used to show off huuuge rocks. do you think this is love Shrek - fiona's style???? c'mon.... ciao for now

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