Tiger Woods Not Throwing in Marriage Towel

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He hasn't won 14 major golf championships by giving up easy, but for Tiger Woods, salvaging his marriage isn't your standard Sunday back nine rally.

Winning over Elin Nordegren after he cheated on her with countless mistresses will likely prove far more challenging than overtaking PGA tour pros.

Just the same, Tiger Woods is doing everything he can to save his marriage, according to sources cited by TMZ that are close to both Tiger and Elin.

While there are unconfirmed reports that Elin plans on divorcing him and that their split is 100 percent likely, we doubt it's really 100. Maybe 90-95.

Unless she hears he only married her for PR. Then maybe 98-99.

Can Tiger Woods flex his emotional muscle and keep his wife?

Either way, Tiger is not giving up. He wants to stay married to Elin - for love and/or his image - and is doing all that he can to convince her not to walk.

Whether he can pull it off - and how - remains to be seen.

Tiger has been undergoing intense counseling (which mainly entails him apologizing a lot) and may be renegotiating Elin Woods' prenup to entice her.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, his lawyers are dealing with the menagerie of Tiger Woods mistresses, trying to limit the damage as best they can.

As one source put it simply, "there are lots of phone calls." Hey, at least they got a court order to block publication of alleged nude Tiger pics. Score!

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And furthermore, anyone who says Elin is good looking is blind. She looks like a f*cking snaggle-toothed, retarded poodle. Probably has an IQ lower than whale shit like most broads. And obviously a psycho bitch, I'm sure this isn't the first time she's physically assaulted Tiger. No wonder he was dipping it elsewhere. He's better off without that stupid bitch. She's lucky he didn't beat her ass that night. He showed allot of self-control for not defending himself.


All women are scumbag whores, Elin is no different. As long as they have a credit card wtf do they care?


I don't condone Tiger's insanity; he should be ashamed. But let's not act like Elin is a saint. She was there for all the money and glory, so she should be there to deal with it like an adult. If she wants a divorce, then divorce him, but enough of the martyr shctick. She'll be 20 million richer, and just like many "grieving 9/11 wives" the money will buy a whole new life with lots of pretty surgery and toys.


One word describes Tiger. Repeat one word. Scum bag pussy chasen phony bastard. Yep, that's one word when it come this scummy dog. Tiger is a have not. Have not a family because he chose a dozen scum filled hos while paying them millions over his family. If this is not the definition of a loser I don't know wtf is.


Now I see it is the have nots that make all these comments about the haves. Who's to say it wasn't always about the money. 5years and 2 babies?..... Considering the hos don't look much different than the wife... If you don't want a dog, don't be a dog catcher.....Just cuz it's Tiger. How many billionaires or multi millionaire's don't have countries full of mistresses.Not condoning the act becuz it was still wrong, but don't pump her head up like she was and is all that it only became a problem when the public knew. I don't know any fool of a wife that cannot tell when their husband is cheating.


sorry folks but this is not merely adultery and yes we can understand how some wish to get past cheating and work things out, however, this man has slept with not one or two or even three but 8++++ women in the very short time he has been with his gorgeous wife. There is no marriage and she has no choice but to move on now whilst she can command others respect. T. Woods has proven himself not only a serial adulterer but a fool and simpleton for living a life that could only be comprimised and not realising as such.
People have compared this to an affair or to david beckhams silly treatment of his wife whilst being THE most famous man on the planet but the fact of the matter is..this is not adultery this is serial adultery and they are very different things.


Tiger must come out as gay and say he screwed around with all these woman because he was in denial. Then he goes 'rehab' and all is forgiven. NOT!!!


Screw Tiger:
He can go sail away in his Boat named PRIVACY
He is just another Scumbag with lots of MONEY. He has No HONOR he has NO Guts He deserves NOTHING I hope Elin wipes him out.
The Kids couldn't have a worse role model than a Perfectionist and Hoe wrapped into one. So toss your LIL Tiger outburst elsewhere LOSER. Come on Nike DROP THIS LOSER oh yeah JUST DO IT thats your motto I forgot......


also most men cheat on their wives a couple of times bt he did a million even wen he 1st got married that goes to show u what a hoe he is. ITS JUST FUCKIN INEXCUSABLE. HE CAN GO FUC HIMSELF AND IF UR A PRSN THAT FEELS SORRY FOR HIM U CAN GO FUC URSELF AND JUMP OFF A BRIDGE TOO FOR ALL I CARE. HE THINKS his little apologies can help then fuc that. I DONT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM 1 BIT HE MADE HIS BED NOW LYE IN IT BIATCH.


I ALWAYS ALWAYS KNEW HIS SKANK ASS WAS FAKE AND GOOD for notin wen i heard all this it didnt surprise me i confirmed my hypothesis. he was only married for 5 yrs and had 20 hoes evn sum hes been wit since he 1st got married so fuck in sad. wat a motherfuckin punk ass bitch. I love how shes classy and isnt in the limelight talkin shit. i luv how discreet she iz. go on wit ur boo and rest assure God will be there for u in the end. ur the definition of a real reaal woman and God has no space in heaaven for whores and skans...etc...

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