Tiger and Elin Woods: Renegotiating Prenup, Yeah!

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Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren had a prenuptial agreement in place when they tied the knot in 2004. But how do the shocking events of the past week impact it?

He's not buying silence from Rachel Uchitel - but what about from his wife?

Fight For the Kids

Amid reports of numerous affairs by Tiger, the couple is undergoing marital counseling, but they're also negotiating. Big time. And Elin is in the driver's seat.

According to reports, Tiger Woods' prenup would have guaranteed Elin $20 million after 10 years of marriage. But she could get a $5 million payout instantly.

That much deposited into an account she alone controls, plus a promise of at least $55 million more to stay with him two more years, are the rumored sums.

Quoting "a lawyer familiar with the couple's negotiations," The Daily Beast says the prenup was shortened to seven years and the payoff upped to $75 million.

YES, HE CHEATED: And yes, he'll be paying for it.

But it's a negotiation, rather than the scorned wife merely bilking her cheating hubby for all he's worth, so Tiger stands to gain something from this, too.

There's also a behavioral component to the new prenup: Elin Woods must "be a dutiful wife in showing up with him at social events and in public, and sign a nondisclosure form that will prevent her from ever telling her story."

That's the key factor. She'd stand to become filthy rich if they ever split up (assuming she wants to), but could never breathe a bad word about Tiger.

To date, there's no evidence that Elin Woods has ever been anything but the perfectly dutiful wife - until she went after him with a golf club, that is.

Tiger would like nothing more than to portray domestic calm to the world, and if that means giving Elin tens of millions of reasons to do so, so be it.

But should she? Or dump the cheating bastard? Vote below!

Elin Woods should ...


I know that I've been tough on Elin, but at this moment she's proving me right. For the love of money is the root of all evil, and judging from the signs that we're receiving form the woods home, that's just what it's about. Money aside, there are Two beautiful kids involved in this situation who happens to be suffering. I grew up without a father all of my life and vowed to my wife that no matter how hard it gets (and I don't have millions in the bank), I would stay there with the family unit. No marriage is perfect and no one knows what actually goes on behind close doors. So be careful with your comments. Marriage is honorable in the sight of God.


If it was one woman etc I would stay for the money, but this has become a circus, a humiliation to the woman. She lost all respect from him. It's been going on since the beginning and through baring his children. This is more then just a onenight stand, is a continuous relationship with other women, texting, calling etc. I think it's easier to pretend not knowing then now all public. How can she ever walk out with him with a smile?


dance him like a prostitutes so that tiger woods will not look for a prostitutes ask him what he wants to a woman and do it for him.good luck


leave him alone he is also human like everyone else.If I were elin, she should stay with her family people can make mistakes and make sorry,what important is your kids your family is intact,dont mind people saying they are envy of your happy family life with all the money .Enjoy your life everybodys experiencing lots of problems and yours is really normal like normal and ordinary people around the world stick with your family they are just envy .as long asyou are still in love with him, go out make vacations only with your family alone far far from envy people,think taht you are so blessed.good luck


All men cheat, white and black but the black muilti-millionaires always make the media. What's wrong with that picture America? Tiger may have made a big mistake but if his wife would have waited until they got home in the privacy of their home and beat the mess out of him, they would not be in the media today.Sometimes you have to think before you act. Tiger is wrong and she must make him pay, but if she still loves him she could forgive him and they can move forward. koby and his wife did it. the smart way.


It's silly to thik that a man with so much money and fame, in spite of having a beautiful and sexy woman like Elin, constantly traveling the world, with so much luxury at hands, would not go out there and screw other women. C'mon peeps, get real...!!!


GO ELIN!!!!! YOU BEAUTIFUL HOT WOMAN!!! you deserve better girl!!


For all the crap she had to put up with (and still does) sure she deserves that money....and get to be at home with the kids...Go Elin


My wife would drop me in a heart beat for a chance at earning 55 mil over 2 years just for taking care of tiger's children and the occasional booty call. it's a no brainer for elin- they're her kids.


She makes herself a prostitute and/or escort if she stays with him for the money. It doesn't make her any better and ultimately she becomes a money hungry ho which is what a lot of people thought when he married her. There's two sides to every story and chances of her being perfect are slim to none. It doesn't excuse what Tiger allegedly did, but come on have some dignity and self-respect and walk away. If she doesn't then she truly is a money hungry ho.

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