The City Season Finale Recap: "Everything on the Line"

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On The City season finale last night, Whitney Port put it all on the (clothing) line, while Erin Kaplan told her boss at Elle that it's gonna be her or Olivia Palermo.

Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff breaks down the events on last night's episode, awarding and deducting points as we deem appropriate. Let's get to it ...

Port at Paley Fest

OMG Whitney Port looks so summery and cute, we can hardly stand it. Plus 2.

Erin is on the kill-Olivia warpath from the get-go. This could be good. Plus 3.

Kelly Cutrone on why Roxy shouldn't go to Whit's meeting: "Don't you think she should bring someone who knows what the f*%k they're doing?" Plus 16.

Olivia's handling of criticism: "I'm going to refrain from commenting." That's real professional. Minus 7, because as we said last week, she shouldn't have a job.

As Whitney panics about her presentation, dramatic music crescendos and the Bergdorf Goodman buyers roll up into the building like gangsters. Plus 5.

Whitney Port can do no wrong, even in failure.

Al Roker sighting on Today! Don't tell Spencer Pratt! Plus 3.

Olivia massively flakes, even for her, leaving Joe Zee high and dry. Minus 10, but Plus 2 because at least the Today peeps always refer to him as "Joe Zee."

MTV totally changed its absurd promo for Jersey Shore to hype up the hottest, tannest, craziest housemates instead of guidos! No points, it's just hilarious.

Whitney's presentation kind of bombs, but we're giving it a Plus 25 for the following reasons: 1. She handled it gracefully. 2. She didn't get preferential treatment, and shouldn't. 3. Kelly's stuck by her and wants to help launch a full line!

After Olivia's royal f*%k up, Erin has it out with her and Joe, telling her boss it's either her or Olivia. Right before the credits roll, Joe picks ... no one! A whole season of a boring, repetitive story line and no resolution! Wow, MTV. Minus 36.

TOTAL: +3. SEASON TOTAL: +5. While we'll always love Whitney, The City failed to deliver a classic (or any) confrontation to salvage the Olivia-Erin "drama."

Thus, the episode and season barely end in positive territory. Not a total waste, but should there even be a Season 3? If so, will it decide what it wants to be?


omfg..olivia is a physco bitch..she's rude, abnoxious & needs to get over herself..stuck up hoochey!


WHAT! Olivia was totally sabotaged. Erin on purpose changed all the clothing, and even made sure the intern didn't tell Olivia that it was done. This recap is crap!v Stop making the shoe fit, it doesn't. Olivia is polite, smart and motivated. Erin is nothing but a crappy backstabbing bitch who hated Olivia as soon as she walked through the door. Erin needs to do try outs as a wicked step mother. I hope I never meet a person like her. It makes me wonder if I should even buy Elle. If it supports that womans salary, then NO!


I have to disagree Olivia is trying. She may not be as fashion foward as erin but everyone needs helps sometimes is so fuckin jealous of her that she shoots down any intuitive Olivia tries to take. As for as the morning show Olivia was totally not in the wrong, erin replaced all of her pieces so therefore it was erin responsibility to update joe on what was what.(Erin so set olivia up.. Erin will get what's coming to her evil jealous ass!! As far as whitney she's a sweet girl but she's no designer, possibly one day in the near future but not now. I'm glad the buyers ripped her to shrewds now maybe shell step her game up. And her friend roxy is gonna betray her very soon whitney needs to pay more attention to what her priorities are. And just because u work for a prestigious magazine does not mean your a infallible perfect human being everyone makes mistakes.. Season 3 PLEASE!!!!!


there should definitely be a season three. we have to know wut happens to that bitch olivia. who does not know shit about fashion. come on im in the medical field and i have better fashion sense than her. and poor lil whitney, shes so nice even when Roxy (another controlling-know-nothing-at-all-bitch) ruins every single one of whitneys time to shine moments. we have to know what happens. next season, next season, next season (chanting)

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