MTV Hits Rock Bottom with Jersey Shore

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Truth is stranger than fiction, and some things you simply couldn't make up.

This was true in the case of Carrie Prejean on Larry King last night, an interview a hissy fit conjuring up memories of pre-school as it awkwardly played out.

It is also true of the trailer for MTV's new series Jersey Shore, which airs its first (and hopefully last) episode December 3 on that sad excuse for a network.

Remember when MTV's reason for being was to play and talk about music? At some point they decided this had run its course, and instead, they would focus on their "original" programming. The only problem? It's all unwatchable dreck.

Tuesday night during The City, the first promo for Jersey Shore aired, with an enticing hook: "MTV is taking you inside a shore house like you have never seen, full of the hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos!" Yes, they said guidos. Really:

If you want to watch a bunch of losers who "keep their hair high, their muscles juiced, and their fists pumping all summer long," this is the show for you!

And you need to see a psychiatrist ASAP.


Fist pumpin like champs!! Douche DOuche dOuche I love this crap. It is embarrassing for some but splendor for me!!!


Does this have to do with that thing between the mayors of a Jersey & a New York town about the guidos?
Look, I'm an expat from Jersey now living in Massachusetts, & I spent some of the best moments at Seaside Heights in the 80's. And I got engaged to my Guido there! Ah, those were the days friends! What passes for beaches here is a joke! No boards! The shore ROCKS!


Wrong people here don't act like this.


eww.. why must they perpetuate this stereotype of people in Jersey? It's a small population that looks, talks and acts like this. ::sigh::


MTV presently stand for: More Televised Vommit

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