Russell Ferguson Wins, Adam Lambert Sings on So You Think You Can Dance Finale

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Overcoming an injury early in the evening, Russell Ferguson limped to victory on last night's So You Think You Can Dance finale.

Due to a knee he told the audience was "messed up," the 20-year old Boston native was unable to perform his second routine on the show, as Ferguson was in clear pain when host Cat Deeley called out the top six finalists to reveal the first elimination.

Still, when the final votes were tallied, this mover and shaker came out on top. He earned $250,000 for his efforts.

"I just want to thank everybody so much," said Russell after he beat out runner-up Jakob Karr. "This means everything to me. I've been dreaming of this since I was born. I came out and was, like, 'Aaah!'"

He can now scream Aaah! all the way to the bank.

The broadcast featured singing as well as dancing. Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Leona Lewis and Adam Lambert all performed on the show. The latter even avoided kissing any men during his rendition of "Whataya Want From Me."

Hurry up and peep it below before YouTube yanks the video.

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Russell was o.k., but I'd just as soon a girl won! I also was more for the runner up, I believe.


Watched SYTYCD for the first time to see ADAM. That thing on his shoulder looked like the headpiece that his keyboard player Lisa wore on the AMA's ... check out the end of the video (bird flip?). LOL


he is the most gorgeous looking person and with the high octave
voice- it makes me quiver and I am a senior citizen


I thought Adam's performance of WWFM was tweaked a little (like the Letterman performance) to project a different vibe. I'm sure it can get a lotta bit boring singing the same old, same old. This version was a little bit more "rock(ish)" to me. I liked it!!! It gave the night the spicey pick-me-up that it needed, despite it being a super energy charged finale already. I really hate that Adam's network TV run is coming to an end on the 21st (Leno). I'm really going to miss him!!! I truly hope that someone records a good video of the Gridlock event and do a YouTube of it! Hopefully the Gridlock video will become an "internet sensation" and do for Adam what YouTube did for Colbie Caillet and Susan Boyle!!! I want him around for a very long, long time!!!


enough talking about adam already what about the winner russell ferguson!!! stupid ppl who comment


Ahh--someone won? I thought it was an Adam Lambert concert. Hint-take a look at Lisa's head during the AMA performance and tell me what is on Adam's shoulder at SYTYCD. Boy does like to push buttons I think


Adam was awesome. that is the only reason that I watched this show, dance is not me.
Changed channels after ADAM and watched the rewind.
Loved Adam


Happy about Russel's win, thrilled about Adam's showing. Adam, in fact, brought people who are not SYTYCD regulars to see the wonderful dancers that compete. You think Adam stole it from Russel? How about people saw Russell because Adam was on. Chew on that.


also, 2nd Jay leno, I guess it took awhile for Jay to realize who he needed on the bring up the ratings, oh yes , Jay your ratings will go up in oneday,! also ifyou watch Jay, Adam will then , drive the Ford fusion race car , i guess it is usually the guest he has on Mondays my guess is he will let Adam drive the car, i hope that would be so cool!!!!!!!!!


For Adam fans who dont know, Adam is on Jay Leno monday , set your dvr's fans, !!!!!!!!!!!

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