Reggie Bush Proposal: Denied by Kourtney Kardashian!

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When Reggie Bush lines up across from linebacker Brian Urlacher on Sundays, he has no fear.

But place the NFL star next to a hormone-laden Kourtney Kardashian, days after she gave birth, and the running back cowers in trepidation.

Such was the case last week, according to sources that claim Bush was set to finally propose to Kim Kardashian - until an irate Kourtney stepped in and threw a fit over the possibility that this engagement news would overshadow her status as a new mother.

"Kourtney screamed at Reggie, 'You can't do this to me!'" a family friend told The National Enquirer. "Kourtney is extremely hormonal right now, and her emotions got the best of her. Reggie was stunned and caught completely off-guard."

The anonymous, clearly legitimate source added that Bush was so frightened by this display that he's shelved plans for a proposal until early 2010.

Photo of Kourtney

Flipping for Publicity, Touchdowns: Kourtney Kardashian and Reggie Bush.

There have been rumors for months that Kim is jealous of Kourtney's motherhood.

This friend says the hostility runs both ways.

"There's always been underlying tension because Kourtney feels like she's been playing second fiddle to Kim for so long. She was hoping the last days of her pregnancy and the first few weeks with her newborn would be all about her."

Kourtney hoping for things to be all about her? That's the only part of this story we actually believe.


This story is a big fat lie
If Reggie wants to propose he will do so.
I think the reason he has not propose is the age difference


it is really sad that reggie doesnt realize that he is a Black man i know his mother has to be dissapointed to see that her son is marrying a white ho and an old one at that. reggie since u wont go Black can u at least find one that hasnt been around the block more times than your age. u Black men need to get a reality check u are a REAL JOKE. SO GLAD u dont belong o anyone i know.u are sooooo stupid have a little pride.


well full shit


wow if this is true i have wished for kim and Reggies to gt married for a long time nw i really love them they are both to sweet and about kourtney and kims feelings of jelousy nw and then its all natural guys it happens in every home we sisters gt jelouse with each other for lil things its no biggy...


WHY do we even CARE for these people?...Superficial gold-diggers taking advantage of and ruining the lives of black professional athletes. Opium (and not very good either) for the masses.


Kourtney is jealous of Kim - so you all need 2 get over it!
so what she just had a fuckin baby - that was a damn accident! she;s mad cause scott isnt shit && he has used her 2 make his way through life & get rich! he's a whack ass father if u ask me lols. reggie should have cussed her ass out because when and where and who he proposes 2 is his business. kim has always been the more lavish && beautiful kardashian and they all know it including there mom. she was the hustler of the family 2 begin with && then everyone else tried 2 follow in her footsteps. im happy for kim and reggie && there marriage will last unlike the Odom situation && the Disick (soon to be situation) lols. lame bitches!


Koutney and Chloe has always been jealous of Kim coz Kim s the prettiest of them all. Those ugly bitches are bitter, Kourt should get a life and go back to her playboy Scott. U r rite C, i don't believe Scott is the father of that kid...


Kourtney- if you want to marry Reggie go for ot girl.Don't listen to any of your family members. Reggie is the father of you son and you do what you want to do. you go girl.


Kim is desperate to be married, regardless if its Reggie or not! He'd be a gat dam fool to marry her. She is way into herself and cares only about Kim! I use to like watching their show, but its soooo obvious its all staged & scripted. Just like when fame ho pimp momma Kris dropped that male enhancement drug in Bruce's coffee, that was all staged!!!! They'll do anything for ratings. I can't wait for them to finally crash & burn. Yes, I have watched this seasons re-runs. I actually like Kim on the show, but in real life, she's so self absorbed & selfish. ATLEAST THATS THE WAY SHE PROTRAYS HERSELF. That's just my opinion. I laugh at them....not with them!


I'm wondering myself about who's the father of the baby that Kourtney had.. If you remember when she lived in Miami, she was seen in the bedroom with her brother's best friend, he stayed all nite with Kourtney, Then soon after that ,it showed the Kourtney was sick, before Scott came back in her life again.I'm wondering who's the father now?

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