Real Housewives of Atlanta Spoilers: Kim Zolciak & NeNe Leakes Acting Like Divas, May Be Fired

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They've helped make The Real Housewives of Atlanta a hit for Bravo, but reports say Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes may not be invited back for a new season.

Producers are looking to replace the busty, loud-mouthed and constantly feuding stars, as "things with NeNe and Kim have been intense" on and off the set.

Baby Joy! Drama!

The frenemies are reportedly demanding bigger paychecks from Bravo for the upcoming season and producers are "fed up with their diva-esque requests."

A source says that Bravo realizes the risks of cutting Kim and NeNe loose, but "feels it is about the franchise as a whole and won’t let one person stop it.”

They're serious enough that they’re "taking meetings with notable, wealthy Atlanta women" about joining the show in Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes' place.

While Bravo had no comment on the reported cast shakeup, another source close to the matter said only that "no decisions on Season 3 have been made."

Are you upset NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak may get the axe?


NEE NEE is crazy....Kim may be a dam liar but NEE NEE is out rite, down and dirty disrespectful to all. Shes always talking about low class people when you know she came straight from the hood. Nee nee you can take the girl out the hood, but you cant take the hood out of the girl! The show will be boring if they leave....but it would be funny to see Nee Nee BROKE with her old dam man!


hell yeah i'm upset. They are the stars of the show. (well mainly NeNe anyway). If they dont have them on there next season they are goin to lose alot of ratings


The show is the no#1 show because of these two ladies.Without them i will not watch the show along with thousands of other that i've talked to.So ladies keep doing your thing on the show because i take's off from work just to see these two go at it thai is why it's #1.I say go girls turn the show out we all love you two. Happy Holiday Ladies!


There are two Atlanta housewives I absolutely cannot stand: 1. Kim is phony, has an unpleasant personality, smokes in the house with her children there (and she can't sing). 2 Sherre is an insecure instigator who kisses Kim's behind.


Without Nene, there is no Atlanta Housewives. CT. will take the show off the map. Give the girls the money, Bravo is making a mint on the show.


Bravo better go suck somethin' if they let them GO! They have done their job!


With NeNe comes Jerome... which truth is we friggin love. NeNe may be loud but there's always someone you know or have met that is like that. Being a Diva living in the ATL comes very naturally for most women its a part of our Southern Charm. Kim is a big liar... but we're always itching to see what lie she will tell next & it's like a guilty Soap Opera as to what will happen with her & Big Poppa. Yes they bring the Drama, but that's why we tune in... The show would not be the same without it.


These two need to go! They are the two most useless women I have experienced. They think they are "entitled" to a life of luxury rather than work for it like the rest of us. They are greedy, self-centered, egotistical, wanna'bees that need to be taught that we don't care about shallow existance.


the look ugly


First, remember people Kim and Nee Nee was nobodies.They don't make the show. The show made them. Just like the producers found them they will find other interesting women to replace them. Trust we need new drama in stories anyway. U see Kandi she actually helped bring up the ratings too. Nee Nee does the same thing every season. I say give both her and the other the axe. They should be happy to get this opportunity. Again they were nobodies. U dont see the other women hollering for more pay. They are not dumb. See the lady from Girlfriends did the same thing and they rolled on two more seasons without her. Can them!!!!

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