Kim Zolciak: Possibly Playboy Bound, Definitely Fake Boobed

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Signs a celebrity is about to pose in Playboy:

  1. She admits to considering it.
  2. She's had plastic surgery.
  3. She lacks the talent and/or notoriety to remain in the spotlight for an extended period of time without a spread in the magazine.

In other words: prepare for Kim Zolciak nude photos, folks!

Kim Z.

The Real Housewife opens up about a number of topics in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, all of which lead us to believe that a Playboy pictorial isn't far behind. A few excerpts:

On plastic surgery: "I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Some cosmetic enhancement is obvious... I do Botox. I’ve had my boobs done twice. I started getting Botox when I was 25 for migraines. I recommend that to anybody. And VelaShape. I don’t know if it shrinks you, but it keeps you tone and taut."

On posing naked: "I'd have to talk to my children, because when you're a mom, it's not just you anymore. I think Playboy is very classy and sexy, but there's a time and place for it. Kim Kardashian did it very tastefully."

On her image: "I'm not stupid, I'm not a homewrecker or a gold digger. But I don't even care. I'm past that. I may not make all the right decisions, but I'm happy."

That's great and all. But we still can't get over the shocking revelating that the knockers pictured above are fake. This may take us awhile.


She reminds me of a Drag Queen performer at Las Vegas.


all i know is if kim did pose for playboy. I would definately buy it. she is beautiful, sexy and very talented...And one other thing... She can leave the wig on....




Kim was a registered LPN she has the ability to make really good money either way working as a nurse. Probably not as much as she does now but still pretty decent money.


She needs to take the damned wig off, already!! Or get it restyled....this look is icky....Weird she didn't mention the chin implant...wonder why? She is also in line for another minor angioplastic procedure....Tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth


Her statements alone show just how mentally messed up she is. Basically she is stating that life isn't about just being yourself, accepting what God gave you and working towards being a good role model for your children etc. No it's about making your physical appearance better, displaying your body for guys to get off on(I don't care how "classy" Playboy spreads are, you are still doing it to sell magazines and line your pocket, and satisfy men's desires). After all that surgery she's still ugly. Typical ugly blond with tons of make up and fake breasts. She, like many other women, have no sense of reality and what really matters. It's really sad.


Nice sarcasm about her boobs. Playboy's standards have lessened


Playboy aint what it used to be. Who is going to pose next? Kirstie Alley? Whitney Houston?

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