Rachel Uchitel Wonders What STDs Tiger Woods Has

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Tiger Woods may have been falling in love with Rachel Uchitel, but he certainly wasn't exclusive with her, and his #1 mistress is totally freaking out.

According to reports, she flipped after learning just how many women are claiming to have had sex with the golf star - and unprotected sex at that.

Rachel Uchitel, Husband

The NYC club promoter told friends that she can't believe how many mistresses he had and will be screened for sexually transmitted diseases ASAP.

Safe to say Rachel's smart to make that decision. Other women who slept with Woods - i.e. half the human population - should probably follow suit.

Vintage Rachel Uchitel: Pre-Tiger and David Boreanaz boning.

Sources close to her say Rachel Uchitel, whose affair with Tiger led to the fight with his wife that led to the car crash that exposed the scandal, is particularly upset that Tiger allegedly slept with two porn stars, and is looking to take precautions.

Probably a good idea.

Yesterday, we told you that Holly Sampson bragged about doing Woods, although she said he used protection ... at least their first time. Jaimee Grubbs and Mindy Lawton have gone on record saying that Tiger was a regular Lil Wayne, however.


millkdy@frozel yeah right there with you. I only been playing for three years, but I think I've been tughorh a lot in terms of learning about the game. I used to practice so much and try to perfect my swing. Despite all the practices and time I put into game, my score was just stop at around 80. I was like okay I guess I'm not good at this game and pretty much stopped practicing. I just went out to chip and put from time to time. Guess what my score is so much better than before. Yeah you gotta enjoy.


She slept with a taken man and is worried about STDS?
When you sleep with a married man that does not mean he won't have an STD. Newsflash ditzo, he's probably slept with other women just like you (YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL) and is full of them. Stupid whore.
She deserves what she gets. And stupid man. I'm glad the wife is milking him for his money.


Who is: Dr, J, Wilson MD Says? Is this real? If it isn't some legal action is necessary. If it is real it very well may violate HIPAA Laws. Now that is a serious offense. What is the webmaster for Hollywood Gossip doing about this?


This behavior is disgusting, if he had a disease he passed it on and basically could have condemned another person to this fate through lies. I wonder how many women are living with full blown AIDS while Magic Johnson is still doing fine. This behavior is animal like, like tiger is not even a human hes more of a half monkey, yeah reminiscent of a wild dog's behavior.He's basically a filthy animal and is a possible disease carrier.


I think the fear of V.D would be the reverse because it sounds to me like that Rachel gets around.


Why is Tiger trying to patch things up with his wife? She should leave him so that Tiger can go out and get his hands on anyone he desires and get it out his system. She shoul tell him to GET LOST and go be the loose goose he wants to be. She will win in the end!! He will end up with AIDS in the hospital!!!!


everyone says its these girls fault. tiger because he makes alot of money and plays golf cant be to blame for sleeping with multiple pornstars and hookers. he cheated on a beautiful woman with some BROKE women. it wasnt that he was falling in love he just wants to do any woman with a heartbeat. its insulting to hear that it isnt his fault. ladies just keep telling your men as long as he says he loves you its ok it he gets a few BJs here and there cause you are the one he really wants.... lol


I keep reading the comments that BJs dont count? sounds like more than a few of you need to google and be reminded that almost all STDs can be transmitted even by oral sex... Even HIV. Go read up before putting things in your mouth that could kill your partners.

@ mike

Got your facts wrong poster. One cannot become HIV via oral sex! Have asked ny fanily doctor about it,it can't be transmitted that way!


Hmmmm, looks like she had some work done after this pic...duh, do ya think?? Oh, BTW....nice jeans....ahahahahahaaaa!


when i look at that picture, I see big lips and a lazy eye. Definitely not model material. You are right on the mom jeans.

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