Rachel Uchitel Pics: The All-American Girl Next Door!

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So many people want to paint Rachel Uchitel in a negative light.

The New Yorker, whose affair with Tiger Woods was the first of the golfer's many such dalliances to be exposed, would like it if people weren't quick to judge.

She's a nice, all-American girl after all! Try being in her shoes!

LOL. In a shameless attempt to milk publicity from her affair with Tiger, and to clean up her image, Rache posed for a ridiculous OK! Magazine puff piece.

Photos like this make her seem like a nice, normal girl. Too bad she's little more than a serial home wrecker and adulterer shamelessly trying to cash in:

To the Dogs

AWW: Sweet, simple and not at all a home-wrecking sleaze, Rachel Uchitel poses with some furry friends. Probably the only ones she's got left after this drama.

Doesn't this make you see her in a different light? That's what she'd like. Almost makes you forget about her Ambien-fueled sex romps with Tiger.

Still, that was just one side of the woman, who she says we don't even really know. Until Playboy coughs up the big bucks for Rachel Uchitel nude.

Then you'll see an entirely different side of her ... every side. Really, whatever pays the bills. Click to enlarge more pictures from the magazine:

Sweet Rachel
Rache Pic
Uchitel Pic
Comfy at Home
An American Girl

[Photos: OK!]


In one picture she has a book. Oh my God she can read !!!
I thought she was only good to open her legs to married men especially famous.
Why is she on the cover of the magazine ? What kind of society we live in to put this "kind" of trashy people in the limelight ?
She slept with a famous guy so that makes her A CELEBRITY ?
She shows her ugly face as if nothing happened. She contributed to the pain of Elin and her children and there is nothing to be proud of. But you know one day Karma will come and beat you harder than a driver !!!!!!!!!!!


so gross.


Yeah, she's just the girl next door who screws your husband! Everybody knows what kind of girl she is, and it's not "nice".


9:51 AM correction=Disgusting Rachel Says:


What an ugly person,inside and out.Rachel is a cheating homewrecker money hungry bit**.She is a user of people and doesn't care who she hurts.Rachel is a selfish whor*.




agreed alisa, that's all there is to say ... people make mistakes and no ones perfect but flaunting what she did like she's proud of it is another story


This doesn't make me like her. She's a home-wrecking creep! How dare she show off in some magazine while the woman she helped to hurt is probably off crying somewhere. What did Elin ever do to her? She offended this woman and now she's trying to capitalize off of it? Somehow I don't think this crass attitude will help her win the public over. She does not look at all contrite.


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