Michelle Obama: The Most Fascinating Person of '09

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Whether you love or hate her husband's politics, and whether you revere or loathe her celebrity fashion icon status, Michelle Obama is a compelling individual.

Barbara Walters picked the First Lady of the United States as the most fascinating person of 2009, a choice she revealed tonight on her annual ABC special.

Obama bested music stars Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, political phenom and lightning rod Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin; and Michael Jackson's three children.

"First lady Michelle Obama is shaping up to be more than the sum of her parts," Walters began her piece, referring to Michelle Obama's famously buff biceps.

Michelle Obama at the recent Kennedy Center Honors.

"My personal routine hasn't changed much in the past 11 years," Michelle said when the veteran journalist asked if she felt pressured to maintain those arms.

"Some of that was, in all honesty, revenge because I'm married to a man who's worked out all his life. No matter how busy he is, he finds time to work out."

Was Michelle a good choice for the year's most fascinating?


Fascinating or not, we look forward to the First Lady continuing to showcase her style and grace. Click to enlarge lots more Michelle Obama pictures below ...

  • Michelle O.
  • Michelle in the Garden
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she is so pretty


I love First Lady Michelle Obama. I think Barbara made a great choice. Michelle is a strong, intelligent Woman whom I admire.


Dows she also get the award for never liking this country, until her husband was elected president???


Barbara Walters is way past being relevant on any level, much less having an opinion that matters. MO is an unattractive, angry black woman who does nothing to further her race but rather demeans the successful black Americans by attempting to represent them.


Weird choice....she has done nothing but screw our unworthy of a peace prize president.....hmmm, wonder how much they paid for this one.....


2009 was a very unfascinating year. Michelle Obabma? Forget fascinating, did she do anything this past year besides pose for photos and attend award ceremonies?