Liam Hemsworth Fight: Caught on Camera!

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In order to date Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth had to fight off the competition.

He dropped Nick Jonas with a figurative right hook and knocked out Justin Gaston with a pretend uppercut.

But the actor and his brother Chris were involved in a real brawl a few months ago, reports TMZ, and the punch-packing siblings were actually caught on camera!

Following an event in Hollywood, Liam (in the striped shirt) and Chris reportedly got into it with some random guy outside a restaurant. Words were exchanged, following by fisticuffs, as the following pictures depict:

Brawling Liam
Caught on Camera


The sides were separated and security reportedly intervened before the police were called.

We wonder if Miley is aware of her man's past. Hopefully, Liam kept the anger to a minimum when he and Cyrus filmed their new movie, The Last Song, and fell passionately in love.

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Actually this fight happened years ago.


No one can beat Thor and his brother :)


Haha their back together anyways it doesnt matter what everyone thinks their n love u ppl need to let it go cause she loves liam way more than nick jonas ppl need to get that shes not a lil girl no more shes eightteen! Now shes a grown women! Idk ppl keep making her feel like shes a two yr old kid still


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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are legandry(:
hahahah people these days.


Dang go lima and Chris kick her ex's ass didn't even know he was an badboy


Dang go Liam?I had no clue he was a batboy I love badboys


Liam is just as ugly as slutty Cyrus.


OMG i cant belive tat


i meant n nick


i think miley an nick were a great couple, they had luv. jus like shamia said, n i also agree wif babies