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Where is Tiger Woods?

The disgraced golfer’s whereabouts have become an even greater mystery than what his final tally of mistresses will reach when all is said and done.

Showing the type of discretion that helped him get away with countless affairs (well, until he wrecked his car), Tiger has been AWOL for weeks now.

Seriously. No photos. No sightings. Nothing.

Despite reports of him setting sail to the Bahamas with pals, Tiger Woods’ yacht, named Privacy, has actually never left its marina in Palm Beach, Fla.

That sucker is still docked.

Tiger Woods’ whereabouts – and next move – are unknown.

So where the heck is Tiger? Chasing this new chick? Golfing by himself? In sex rehab? Still hooking up with Rachel Uchitel on a different, secret boat?

He has not been seen in public since the day after Thanksgiving, when he crashed his SUV outside his home in Windermere, Fla., and the cops came.

Tiger is rumored to be dealing with his sex scandal with intense marriage counseling with wife Elin, followed by late-night golfing sessions, sources say.

We’d believe it.

From all accounts, the fallen star doesn’t want to throw in the towel on his marriage, despite the seemingly impossible odds of a reconcilation with Elin.

Whether he can actually pull it off – and where and when he decides to surface publicly from wherever he is right now – is anyone’s guess, however.